Saturday Night Fever

I suppose I’ve said this before once or twice, but we need to win the next game, which happens to be against the Flyers.

I’ve already suggested that going out on the Western Canadian tour would suck if the boys don’t do well in their first two games, so after losing the opener, it’s crucial that the gang shoots straighter and rights the good ship S.S. Habitant.

And Philadelphia has always been such a despicable team. At least in my eyes. Thank God it’s at the Bell so we probably won’t have to see those full-on orange jerseys that blind eyes and create gut-ripping gagging.

And only one type of fan is worse, or almost worse, than Bruins fans.

Flyers fans.

Broad St.


4 thoughts on “Saturday Night Fever”

  1. Last season’s compressed schedule spoiled us. Three nights without a game seems like an eternity.

    Man that dude is ugly!

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