Sandy Wasn’t Fooling Around

Beatnik sent over this most amazing collection of photos, from Britain’s Daily Mail, of the trail of devastation left by Sandy, who proved without any shadow of a doubt that she is/was an almighty bitch. The bitchiest of bitches. This was a hurricane that got up on the wrong side of bed.

The photos, dozens and dozens of them, are unbelievable. Thanks Beatnik.

Just click here –   Sandy, and be amazed.

3 thoughts on “Sandy Wasn’t Fooling Around”

  1. What a collection of photos. I feel so bad for those people, it must be a nightmare to have to get back to normal. If you have money you’re somewhat ok, but what about those who barely make it – what do they do?

    It just goes to show that no matter how big we think we are, Mother Nature can kick our ass anytime she wants to.

  2. Darth, there’s some real nice oceanfront property there that took a shit-kicking. What a bitch Sandy is. Imagine being married to her?

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