San Francisco Takes My Breath Away

San Francisco is my kind of town.

I sat at a window table at the Voodoo Lounge Black Magic bar at the corner of Van Ness and Lombard, watching couples on dates, with regulars bouncing to and from, with a friendly bartender in a Giants cap and shirt being the straw that stirred the social drinks. And I was there only because it was across the street from the hotel and I was plum worn out after wandering Fisherman’s Wharf all day.

And by the way, this city has far too many joggers and fitness freaks and maniacs swimming in the Bay. Don’t they understand the pressure they’re putting on their hearts? I’m just a concerned guy, that’s all.

It’s just extremely cool for me, being downtown in a city I sort of know, throwing money around like I have some, and realizing and not minding that I’m extending retirement by another six months because I’m overheating the credit card, which is fine because for a measly 10 or 11 days, I’m in a New York state of mind, San Francisco-style. I can’t explain it exactly,  but you, being the smart person you are, might get what I’m trying to say.

Yes indeed, San Francisco is very cool. And if you’ve never been here, why not? And if you say you can’t afford it, it’s the lousiest excuse since Andrei Kostitsyn said he wasn’t getting enough ice time and Scott Gomez complained he wasn’t getting the breaks.



13 thoughts on “San Francisco Takes My Breath Away”

  1. I was very fortunate about 9 years ago to “dog sit,” with three other teachers, for 8 weeks in the Mission district. Living in Louisiana, they weren’t going to blow us away by their restaurants, but being able to find the quality and variety of fresh produce was mind boggling (much like the D’Agostini trade). Became a regular on BART to see the A’s play (cheaper tickets and the fans weren’t there to be seen). The home of Golden Seals was open and it was cool to see where the sucker trading partners laced them up.

    Enjoy your stay and c’mon 14% chance of the first pick!

  2. The coolest thing Mark Twain NEVER said, “the coldest winter i ever spent was a summer in San Francisco”. Although the quote is attributed to ole Sam, there is no evidence or proof of him ever saying it………… Kind of like religion.

  3. Hey Dennis

    San Francisco is a great city.I have done all the tourist,restaurants,sports,entertainment etc. stuff over the years.But my immediate memory is September 22 1975.I along with friends were less than two blocks from the St.Francis Hotel when Sarah Jane Moore took a shot at Gerald Ford.Quite a scene.


  4. Mike McKim, interesting that you got to that. I think you’re a lucky guy. I’d love to see the A’s or Giants here but not enought time. And today it’s raining. When the lottery begins today, sometime around 5 o’clock I think, we’ll be on the road and I won’t know until later. Maybe we’ll get lucky and grab number one. I think we deserve it.

  5. Hobo, I know what he means because of the winds, but yesterday was hot. and there’s some dandy palm trees here.

  6. Doug, wow. History. I think I kept the Time magazine from this event. Or maybe it was the Squeaky Fromme attempt. Regardless, it’s very cool some of the things you’ve seen and done. And I’m still waiting for you to introduce yourself in Powell River. Or have we already met?

  7. Dennis,

    Was there in the early 90’s for a few days. Saw my old cell in Alcatraz.

    Friend of mine was doing a teacher exchange and living near the Mission District. Whilke I was there we regularly got a bus into town for a drink to the horror of some of his colleagues who regaled him with tales of shootings along the route and so on. Seemed fine to us at the time.

    I went to walk the Golden Gate Bridge. A heavy mist came down and all I could hear was the fog horns from the shipping way below. I suffer from a fear of heights and even though I could see next to nothing below, looking up still made me so nauseous I had to turn back before I got to the middle.

    At the start of the bridge there was a tourist shop which must have catered to the Japanese tourist as it was called Giftu Shoppu or something like that. Is it still there?

    The day I was heading home after about a month in various parts of the States, a panhandler (of which there seemed to be a lot in SF)approached in the hope of getting the price of a drink and walked away with a bag full of assorted coinage as I couldn’t be arsed lugging it around anymore. Hope he remebers me.

    Enjoy the trip Dennis.

  8. Good stuff, Blue Bayou. I’ll watch out for Giftu Shppu today before we continue on. We were in Alcatraz a couple of years ago and wanted to take the Russians now, but it was sold out for two days in advance. And I seem to recall from being there a cell that suad “Blue Bayou’s cell.” It was very popular with the tourists. I loved that you had a flat screen TV and wet bar in your cell. I’ll bet Capone didn’t.

  9. Bring your wife and relatives to the Russian Renaissance Restaurant on Geary street between 16th and 17th avenue in the outer Richmond.

    Lived a few blocks from there and each time I passed it by at night, it seemed like it was happening. I went in for a drink once with a friend and it was like stepping into another realm.

    Have fun!

  10. Dennis, speaking of the “straw that stirred the social drinks”, it made me wonder about something.

    Have you ever noticed that the little straws that comes with the spray can of WD40 ALWAYS disappears after one use?

    I’ve asked around, and this happens to almost everybody.

    Where do these little WD40 straws end up?

    There must be a mountain of them up in WD40 straw heaven.

    Can we have a Royal Commission to get to the bottom of this please?

  11. Danno, I learned a long time ago to put an elastic around the can so I don;t have the straw problem. It’s one of the bvery few smart things I ever done. But you’re right, they go missing and I’ve lost them in the past. We should invent an attached straw that bends down when not in use and doesn’t fall off.

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