Same Old Song And Dance; Play Well – And Then Not Play So Well

They were going good, the Habs were. Led by young rock star PK Subban, the Canadiens were outshooting the visitors and playing with precision and fire. They were making the highly-touted Pittsburgh Penguins look very ordinary, and were being less-than-hospitable hosts.

They did this for the first half of the game.

Unfortunately, they didn’t do this for the second half of the game.

Either the PIttsburgh coaching team figured out how to adjust, or Montreal simply stopped taking it to them and did very little after such a fine first half of the game. A thirty minutes where they should have scored a couple before they fell into their shell which they’ve done in the past, and what is growing very tiring to see. The Canadiens were the better team by a fair margin until they slowly but surely slowed to a grinding halt.

It’s just too bad. The Canadiens and fans could have gone to bed with a 2-1 series lead. And now game four becomes crucial beyond words. They have to play hard for sixty minutes. And it wasn’t like they were protecting a lead. They hadn’t scored yet when things began to go south, and they ended up not scoring at all. Teams usually don’t win games when they don’t score a single goal.

They did hit the post, though. And Marc-Andre Fleury came up big several times. Of course, every visiting French-Canadian goalie comes up big when they play in Montreal and that is also getting very tiring.

I need a pepto-bismol. 

Random Notes:

Montreal scorers were……….

Halak was fine. No problems with the goaltending. It’s the rest sitting back for half a game that is burning my rear end right now.

Sidney Crosby has been out-of-sorts so far in this series. Maybe he’s in love.

Did you see that little kid in the Habs uniform skating around the ice before the game with the flame? I want that job. I can do that. Although when I was an altar boy I set my clothes on fire lighting candles so maybe I can’t.

11 thoughts on “Same Old Song And Dance; Play Well – And Then Not Play So Well”

  1. Your PK Subban really is an awesome player to watch
    That Cammelari ain’t too shabby either
    Don’t give up on your dreams Dennis…the altar boy fiasco would be buried in your “jeuvenile” record

  2. Dennis, I think the Habs are toying with Pittsburgh and want to go to game 7 for the pressure and intensity. Send up a prayer to the Hockey Gods.

    Yes, you can skate on the ice with an illuminated faux flame so you don’t ignite yourself. Request granted.

  3. Hey Dennis, That was a great half game to watch,even the second half was exciting,the Habs got a penalty and the Pens just kept taking it to them.Halak was sharp,Subban was awesome,the whole team was skating well and playing hard just got a puck by Jaro and the Pens checked closely after that.These are two pretty even teams by the looks of it,I think that this will go to a seventh game as well.

  4. I still think it’s going to be a long series. And we can — scratch that — WILL win it.
    With only three even-strength goals to the Pens’ credit thus far this series, the vast majority of Pens goals are coming from the power play. If we can stay out of the penalty box we can beat them. When it’s five on five we are competitive.
    I also feel there’s a bit of a bias in some of the calls. Of course, Penguins are the defending Stanley Cup Champions and have the NHL’s poster boy on the team, so naturally that is to be expected.
    All in all, I’d say we didn’t so much deserve to lose that game and the Pens didn’t really deserve to win it. But they did. And now we have to start scoring and winning again.
    Damn you Fleury!
    So the Pens won that battle, but they haven’t won the war.
    We know the Habs just like to flirt with disaster before they become magnificent and glorious again.

  5. Danno, Montreal was so impressive for the first half and played one of their best games of the playoffs up until that point. But then they stopped and let Pittsburgh come to them. How come?

  6. really dennis, this IS the way they play more often than not……………. don’t feel bad, i have 6 redwings in my pool.

  7. Dennis, I think Martin came out with a game plan of going out strong and getting an early goal or two and then playing defensively.

    But as Churchill said, “however beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.”

    The trouble is we didn’t get that goal and continued to play defensively. Not only that our first two lines looked tired for the third period as a result of Martin shortening the bench. He dressed, but did not play Mathieu Darche who could have been used for at least some ice time to relieve players withering with fatigue. Darche played zero minutes.

    That failed strategy lead to almost zero offense in the second and third periods. You can’t expect to win the Indy 500 driving a Chevette, and you need to have players who still have some fuel remaining in their tanks in order to put together an offensive threat.

    I also think both Malkin and Crosby should have been penalized for their part in the second period scrap. Not whining, just saying….

  8. Woah, it’s bad enough that Metropolit only had 5 minutes, I never noticed that Darche only dressed to keep the bench warm. No wonder the top 4 are exhausted. It must be hard to juggle the lines when each line only has 2 players deserving time. Moore and Moen deserve more time and I think the wrong Kostitsyn is being scratched.

    And Danno, I agree with your analysis of the Penguins goal scoring, but I’d go even further. The 4 PP goals in game 1 were an anomaly, the PP was shut down in game 2 and only scored in game 3 because of the ridiculous call against Gorges and nothing against Crosby. They had 2 empty net goals leaving only 2 even strength goals.

  9. I agree that habs are better 5 on 5. The penalties at the end of the second and those in the third period sapped our guys. And we need more shots on goal. We can’t win with what we take. We need guys to get the energy and drive to get those opportuities. Good point on Plekky as he is doing a good job on Sid the whiner. Hate to see Staal back in but he won;t be 100%. Just hope the guys build off of PK’s energy and youth. he’s amazing. Good luck tonight.

  10. I hope the Habs remember how they played when their backs were up against the wall with the Caps.
    Come out with all guns blazing.
    We have a few guys who are due and must rise to the occasion.
    With Kirk Muller reviewing the tapes and doing some adjustments, I’m sure we’ll do just fine. Really, really fine.

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