Sam Loves Montreal’s First-Round Choice

With their 17th pick of the first round in this year’s entry draft, the Canadiens chose 6’2″ defenceman Nathan Beaulieu of the Saint John Sea Dogs, and junior hockey analyst Sam Cosentino gushed mightily about the young fellow on Sportsnet last night.

Sam’s my new favourite analyst because of this.

Cosentino rambled on about Beaulieu being the best value of the first round, certainly the best defenseman, and said he was surprised to see the kid go at 17th as he expected him to taken around 5th.

Although the art of predicting the future of young prospects is not an exact science by any stretch of the imagination (Benoit Pouliot was picked 4th overall in 2005, for goodness sakes), hearing nice things about a young, brand new Habs prospect gives me high hopes and warms the cockles of my heart.

Here’s the lowdown on our new guy – Nathan Beaulieu. (Born in 1992. Imagine. I’ve got food in the fridge older than that).

6 thoughts on “Sam Loves Montreal’s First-Round Choice”

  1. While I am excited about this pick and Pribyl I have to admit I was dissapointed that we never got that big North American power forward who could destroy Lucic with one hand while scoring at will.
    The next best news is the rumour of a team (s) actually being interested in Gomez so they can reach the cap floor. There are those already saying IF it happened it would be a mistake for Montreal to let him go as they have no-one to replace him with. Surely there must be some player available that can score at least 30 points while costing less than seven plus million dollars a year. Someone! Please!
    There just isn’t enough action involving Montreal at this time of year. The waiting for the draft, then free agency, and the prospect camps just takes to long. I love summer but me thinks I love Canadiens hockey even more.

  2. Hey Dennis, Back home in Mackenzie,great trip but sorry to see it end. I was impressed by the Habs selection,good on them I hope Nathan turns out the way they plan,what would have happened in the playoffs if Markov and Goerges were healthy eh.

  3. Never been up that way, Derry, but someday maybe you can give me a tour. And yes, if only we would have had those two. Oh well, next season.

  4. Hi Don, yep, it’s my dream too to have a power forward with grrat hands. And to see him destroy Lucic would be just dandy. But you never know what’s down the road in wheeling and dealing. I’m sure Gauthier and the gang are keeping thier eyes opn because they understand completely what we’re lacking. I hadn’t heard the Gomez rumour until now and it’s very intriguing. Maybe Brian Burke will take him off our hands! There’s lots of players who could fill his spot I’m sure. I love your last sentence and I’m going to throw it into the quote of the day.

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