13 thoughts on “Saku’s A Duck”

  1. I’ll have to watch some Anaheim games this season. Without Pronger I quite like them, and Saku only makes it better 🙂

    Ducks vs. Habs in the final? I can dream..

  2. Ducks versus Habs – game seven at the Bell Center, Ducks win I finally get my wish, Saku skates with the cup in Montreal.

  3. Moey, I know you’re joking, right? Habs lose the cup in game 7? How about if we win the cup and we let Saku touch it?

  4. Only thing worse than Habs losing cup to a sun-belt team is losing it to Bruins. Even the NHL realized this would be too much of a strain on the universe and made sure it couldn’t happen.

  5. The true writing skill lies in the original stories. I’m only good for a couple smart-alecky comments at a time.

  6. Dennis,

    This afternoon they’re doing a tribute to Saku Koivu on the Team 990. Once I’ve put my tissues away for good (tomorrow) I’ll get my senses back. I’m glad for Saku, he’s going to a good team, he deserves that.

  7. I’m gonna miss Saku Koivu.

    For sure.

    Yesterday, I was a bit sad… he was the face of the franchise and gave it all with class… imagine if he never would have had those injuries…. wow.

    Anyways, today, it’s a new day.

    We’ve got some smaller players, but they are highly skilled guys… plus, Gionta and Cammalleri….. they play with a little sandpaper even though they aren’t big guys.

    I’m still optimistic.

    Go Habs!

  8. I’m glad for Saku too. You’re right, they’re a good team, and his family should like the weather and the kids can go to Disneyland. Believe me, I’m sad too about him leaving but now I think it’s time to turn the page. Doug Harvey, who was the Habs greatest defenceman ever, and their captain, was shipped to the Rangers because he and certain players from other teams started to make noises about how management was taking advantage of players and maybe a union would be a good idea. That wasn’t a good time either for fans but the team and its fans regrouped and went on to big things.
    I hope Saku has a tremendous year.

  9. We really do need to pick up the production and these guys, hopefully, can do that. I remember in the late ’90’s, Saku was maybe the best puck handler in the league. But you’re right, injuries didn’t help. I hope he does well and the Habs do big things.

  10. Time to move forward, we need a new Captain (Lapierre) and his posse.
    I only wish Saku the best, and I thought he would bring us a Cup in Montreal.
    We cannot moan and sulk for him going to Anaheim. Give me 3.25 million and I’ll be content basking the sun in California as well. I am surprised some team did not sign him right away on July 1.
    My son is still waiting for his autograph for almost 3 years. He’s got Kovalev’s, Lappierre’s, Lang’s, Tanguay;s, etc.. to name a few but no Saku.
    I guess writing to the players for autographs is a thing of the past for some players.

  11. Wow, very interesting. I would’ve thought he would have been one of the easier autographs to get. But I agree totally with you about time to move on. I’ve been saying this for a few days now and it looks like I’m the only blogger not doing a tribute to him. Anyways, hope he does well, but I’m just looking at the team doing well.

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