Saint Mats Has Almost Decided Which Team Will Pay Him Millions

And the heavenly saint spoke.


“I have decided to let both the Rangers and Canucks trample over each other to be first in line to pay me millions for the last half of the season even though I’m 38 years old and might score 10 goals providing I stay healthy.”


And fans in New York and Vancouver rejoiced even though their teams are probably going nowhere.

7 thoughts on “Saint Mats Has Almost Decided Which Team Will Pay Him Millions”

  1. go ahead Mats and play with Nazzy–N.Y.C. is big enough for the two of you. There may even be room the an up n’ coming stickboy—Sean A………..whoa nelly – ease up on those reins.

  2. Good for you, Jan! You don’t want him on your team! I hope lots of other Canucks fans feel this way too.
    Do you think he’d really help?

  3. Canadiens didn’t put on a show.
    Anyone feel like getting drunk?
    Habs can’t get it done.
    Habs look reasonably lousy.
    Montreal looks like pretenders.

    Which way are they going?

  4. Mats, if he lands in Canuckle-land,

    can only but offer up a hand;

    he is manly, uncanny, and will cost a pretty penny;

    but all will be worth it when he lifts up Lord Stanley.

  5. Correct me if I’m wrong–but I don’t believe Sundin has ever raised the Stanley Cup. Other than the $$$$$$$ that must be the deep down reason he wants to grace Vanc ice with his almighty presence.Go Canucks Go–with or w/o M.S…………..Trevor Lindon night yahooooo…..he Habbed abit,Dennis–I know you’ll be watchin’ too. A full page on this would be just awesome………

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