Sad And Pitiful Performance

For weeks I worried that I’d miss the big Habs-Bruins game because I’d be zooming across the country instead. Maybe missing the game that was going to be the biggest and finest of the year. The one where we win it for Max and for the standings and show those Bruin bastards, once and for all, just who’s boss.

It was going to be a beauty, one for the ages, and there was a chance I’d only be able to read about it. 

Damn. I could’ve kicked myself for deciding to travel on this day.

But I saw it allright. 

For two periods I sat in Chili’s pub at the Calgary airport, watching in horror as the Montreal Canadiens imploded before our very eyes, and for much of the third I caught it on the plane to Ottawa, declining the little three-dollar ear thingys because there was definitely nothing I wanted to hear at that stage.

Seven freaking nothing. The team and fans embarrassed beyond words. The big game. Carey Price yanked. Cam Neely chuckling in the Bruins’ management box. Way too many penalties to even think about making a push. Scott Gomez? Yeah, right.

It was a most disgusting and disappointing display by the Canadiens at a time when they needed to come out with guns blazing. Guns blazing? Hah! It was more like those little pop guns I had when I was a kid with a cork on a string.

Yes, I worried long and hard that I’d miss it. I suppose there’s a lesson there somewhere.

The only jam I saw above the din of a packed Chili’s was Paul Mara giving it to Mark Recchi. He’s the only Hab I respected tonight. The rest of them….I have no words.

When I left the bar it was 5-0 and when I got on the plane it was 6-0. And then it became seven. The three and a half hour trip was long, extra long, and I wanted to punch the guy in front of me who put his seat back.

I’m ashamed of my team tonight.

Random Notes:

Have arrived in Ottawa after a long day of planes and hockey insanity. Good night.

12 thoughts on “Sad And Pitiful Performance”

  1. Feeling so deflated. Ugh. A shining star in all this is that we won 4 out of 6 of the regular games against these twats.

    Disgusting moments of the night: hearing USA USA USA! and Ole, Ole!

  2. Hey Dennis,I’m glad to hear you made it to Ottawa ok,sadly the Habs didnt fair as well as your trip did.I got home from work and it was 3-0 already,I couldnt believe it,what went wrong there,Carey Price made some incredible saves ,there was just no scoring ..again.A very sad day for Hab fans.

  3. Dennis,

    Derry was wishing the Habs would kick some bears in the ass.

    Having watched them fluffing what few chances fell their way in front of net last night, I’d say it looks like they couldn’t hit a bear’s ass with a banjo, let alone kick it.

    Yes a blowout, it happens. But not that game. Not after all the talk and all the nonsense.

    I suppose we all thought it was sensible to get the experienced guys back in for this game, but to be honest it seemed to affect the team more than help it. I’d say some of them obviously weren’t ready for it.

  4. A very sad day, Derry. Bruins fans are probably still laughing. Hopefully we meet them in the playoffs and see who gets the last laugh.

  5. Maybe you’re right, Blue Bayou. Maybe some weren’t ready, like Plekanec. But it’s times like this when others (Gomez, Cammalleri etc) are supposed to step up, and right now I wish they’d go away and not come back.

  6. Welcome to Ottawa Dennis and Lucienna!

    I hope your flight wasn’t as frightening as the game was.

    As you can see it’s still winter here in the Nation’s Capital. Too bad you couldn’t bring the banana-tree weather with you.

    What’s up with Scotch Gnomez? He played like crap and yet he got more ice time than any other player on the team. Why is Martin so afraid to sit him down? Does he hold some incriminating evidence on him?

    The only silver lining I see is maybe these Bruins will be so full of themselves they’ll come into the playoffs feeling over-confident and proceed to fold like a cheap tent.

    The Habs haven’t scored a goal since Tom Pyatt scored with 6:05 remaining in the third period against the Wild. That adds up to 126 minutes and five seconds where the Habs have been unable to put the puck in the other team’s net. Sure, we were up against Miller and then Thomas but it’s still a really disturbing fact.

    The bottom line is that has to change – or it doesn’t matter how great Price plays because you can’t win hockey games if you don’t score any goals.

  7. Dennis, I’m sorry your trip was so stressful to the game last night and the absolute turtling of the Habs. I do hope the vacation itself is so much more enjoyable for you.

    What I want to know is this: what happened to the lauded leadership group that got it done last year? I wanted Gio for captain because he’s a core member of it and yet… it’s Gill on the ice with the pep talk after practice yesterday and yet… the team didn’t respond. At all. And the vets who are supposed to lead are absolute crap and have been for some time.

    Mike Cammalleri is not himself. He hasn’t been all year. Is it because he didn’t get the C? What is his problem exactly? And Gomez has gone from bad to revolting to unspeakable.

    And Jacques Martin – where is his ability to light a fire under these guys? Remember Ottawa? Yeah he didn’t get it done there either. Sometimes you need to reach down and grab the players by the ‘nads and yell in their faces. Instead he gives them the day off. UGH!

  8. Dennis, looking forward to seeing your photos and blog of your vacation. I’m hoping Gaston snuck along for the trip, too.

  9. Pretty horrible especially from the ribbing of one bruin fan her. He sure is happy. He said he was cleaning last night after the game and had to stop to laugh because it was so easy and patheitc. But it is true. Maybe a silver lining is Martin finally gets fired because he isn’t a winner. And maybe the Habs were so embarrassed they dig up some integrity and heart and try harder the next time. They’re intimidated byt the size of the bruins. I like darche a couple of times, and Mara. I liked Gomez breaking his nose (or it looked broken). Now maybe he’ll wake up for the last 10 games. We got some bodies back and I agree, Cammy needs to smarten up and play. He prides himself on being prepared (according to ‘Your Canadiens’ segment) but maybe he forgot his accupuncture BS crap. Cammy, get your private business out of the game and score some f***en goals. Jackass!!!

  10. Hab fans….you have the best goalie in the world in Price and am sorry but without him the Canadiens would be battling with my lowly Leafs for a playoff spot…

    Habs are quick journeyman players in need of a Briere, Lecavalier or St Loius francophone to bust them out of their funk …

  11. Dennis, my inside source on the Canadiens gave me this excuse for what happened. Turns out the team heard that their future owner was arriving in nearby Ottawa that day. An unnamed player who’s been simultaneously leading the team in both suckitude and salary decided that he would like to meet with his future boss to give his apologies and promise to do better. He convinced a few of his fellow under-performers to join him in driving to Ottawa and welcome the future owner at the airport. While waiting for his arrival, one of them phoned his wife to describe how much she’ll love being taken care of during the games by this new owner. It was then that she reminded the players that they had a game against the Bruins that evening. They quickly hopped a plane, arriving in Boston without any equipment barely in time for the game. They had to borrow some from a local peewee team.

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