Sabres In Town, Halpern Claimed

It’s remarkable that even though the Pittsburgh Penguins have now won eleven straight, the Canadiens remain just three points behind them with two games in hand. Just an excellent example of the kind of year the Habs are having. And as soon as the boys do away with the Sabres tonight, it’s the Pens to contend with.

The Canadiens have claimed Jeff Halpern through waivers, from the Rangers. Halpern played for the Habs in 2010-11, is a centreman who took key draws, and although I’m a bit vague on this, I seem to recall Halpern getting thrown out of the circle against Boston, Tomas Plekanec coming in and losing the draw, and the Bruins scoring and eliminating Montreal.

It almost seemed fixed. The Bruins won because Halpern was thrown out. But I digress.

It’s interesting that Marc Bergevin claimed Halpern. What does it all mean? Will it mean someone from the fourth line might not want to renew his apartment lease? Are Ryan White’s days numbered? Somebody else? And then there were the zero goals and one assist in 30 games that Halpern managed while in New York.

So even though Halpern was a fine player as a Hab and took those key faceoffs, is this an important pick up? I don’t know, I’m just asking.

Sabres in town tonight. We need the win of course. And maybe with a job on the line, the fourth line guys will be flying.




9 thoughts on “Sabres In Town, Halpern Claimed”

  1. It’s like you mentioned, face offs. The Habs are winning only 48.6 per cent of the draws (ninth worst in the league). Having someone out there that can win a few is a good thing.

  2. DK, I’m not sure what to make of this, is he and a couple of others there to be packaged at the trade deadline?? I guess only time will tell.

  3. Mike, it seems like what Tom was saying – that they need to be better on faceoffs. Maybe that’s it.

  4. Off the cuff– THERE”S NO-ONE COMING BACK HOME TO THE HABS of the last 4-5 years!! They are dead, gone, buried, va-moosh!!So is Gainey the G.M –Gainey the player was my hero–and the rest of the sad sack-bums that ruled the roost!!! P.S. The team is referred to -NOT theplayers– as dead-beats. Those coming back are coming into a dressing room where you don’t step on the Logo–soI hear–where team comes first. where you BELIEVE AND PLAY LIKE YOU CAN WIN EVERY GAME, your PROUD to wear THE SWEATER, whereyou look up at the banners and WANT to be part of the next raisin’!!!! Where you want to play tough hockey but NOT goonweasel roller-derby!! Bergevin the G.M. is making some good moves– is he also talking to his recruits BEFORE they agree to sign?? maybe having a heart to heart on what’s expected, what,s the goal, what,s the mood, here,s why we want you etc. Maybe players see the mood change. Maybe Camellarie was on the money last year while calling it a losers room. From experience in life I know the truth will get me in bad books with the BOSS but I,m okay with that. It helps me sleep good!!! Having said all that let,s welcome Halpin back and hear the ROAR only THE BELL can give. [I can,t get the game tonite Dennis, so please include the reaction of the crowd in your excellent game reviews] I care less on first place- that’s a loser’s compromise– I CARE ABOUT A BANNER IN THE RAFTERS !!!!!If there’s a improvement in the team; I can wait a year. Rememder ‘ole # 22’s comment as coach of the Jets losing a game with bad bounces AND officiating—- ” If it’s and buts were candy and spice, would,t we all be sweet and nice-we lost the game and that sucks!!!!!” Have more to say– lots more about THE NEW CH but I can’t type as fast as my passion for the team!! So enjoy the passes,the blend of age and youth and believe in our team!! Thanks for your time, goodnite from a Quebec hating, P.K. hating Hab hating part of Ontario but I thrive on being the the un-loved when we’re doing it right AND admitting/striving to improve!! Thanks Dennis for having this site– THANKS LUCIE FOR THE HIGH RATING YOU GIVE THIS SITE– so he won’t discontinue it !!

  5. I agree with Tom, crappy on the face-offs and for depth since we have too many injured forwards. Maybe White, Bourque, Prust and even Nokelainen aren’t as close as we’ve been led to believe. Halpern was good depth in 2011, but so was Darche. Will he be next?

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