S.S.Sabres Hits A Priceberg

Two goals from guys from don’t normally do this kind of thing – Alexandre Picard and Josh Gorges, another stellar performance from the revitalized Carey Price, and the Canadiens skate away with a big road win in Buffalo, edging the Sabres 2-1.

It was a huge win. The boys don’t need to lose any more ground to the silly Toronto Maple Leafs, who won again tonight against New York and once again delay the inevitable bursting of the balloon.

But enough about the Leafs. How ’bout those Habs!

Of course I’m sure, after Derek Roy scored in the third period to close the gap to one, that whether we admit it not, we sat and waited for disaster to rear its ugly head like it has before and which we’re trying to forget. The Sabres smelled blood and had their chances late in the game but Price stopped them all and you can almost see his confidence growing by leaps and bounds like a gangly teenaged boy going through a growing spurt.

The Canadiens played just a little tighter, slicker, faster, with more zip, unlike the previous Tampa Bay fiasco. I’m thinking they must have read all the comments from readers from my recent Jacques Martin post.

Random Notes:

Finally a power play goal. Josh Gorges sent a one-timer that looked to be deflected past Ryan Miller, and the monkey is finally off the back. Maybe it’s the start of power play dominance by the Montreal Canadiens from here on in.

Shots on goal – Montreal 28, Buffalo 23. It’s true, you’re reading it right – we outshot the other team.

PK Subban continues to show he’s a work in progress – sometimes playing brilliant, sometimes scaring the bejeeus out of us when he coughs up pucks. I’m sticking with my ongoing theory that he uses too long a stick.

Ottawa in Montreal Saturday night. Two things would be nice here – a win of course, and a game that’s not so close. So far in Montreal’s four games, the scores have been 3-2, 3-2, 4-3, and 2-1. I want a blowout. I want a one-sided laughter that sends the Sens home with their tails between their legs and causes Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood to need marriage counselling.

8 thoughts on “S.S.Sabres Hits A Priceberg”

  1. Dennis, a very solid win tonight. And even though PK makes the odd mistake, more often than not the mistake is followed by a breathtaking recovery.
    Price is looking rock solid all of a sudden and now has a .925 save percentage.
    He could have had the shutout if it wasn’t for Gill’s defensive gaffe.
    It was good to finally see us have more shots on goal than the other team for a change.
    And we stayed out of the penalty box which helps a lot — especially when the lead is slim and there are just a few minutes left to play.
    Gorges keeps getting better and better. Maxim Lapierre continues to impress. Lars Eller is looking really fine and Andrei Kostitsyn looks like he means business now.
    And could it be that Jacques Martin out-coached Lindy Ruff?
    Even though things are not perfect, I’m seeing more positives than negatives.
    Things are back on track and I expect us to shellac the Sens.

  2. Right on, Danno. And good for you for mentioning Kostitsyn. I failed to and thought several times during the game that he was playing well. I’d also love to see Eller begin to rack up a few points before his confidence starts to wane. Good win tonight. I’m just so pleased that Price is doing what he’s doing. It was a worrisome thought all summer and just look at him now!

  3. Hey Dennis,Yup I think both teams played very defensively with the Habs playing just a bit more.Carey Price looked good,just good enough to win I thought but there were no really great scoring chances by the Sabres.P.K. Subban,this guy is full of piss and vinegar,has a great breakout but sometimes coughs it up.Like Danno says,he always seems to come up with the big recovery,he will learn more this year for sure and be better for it.I am looking forward to tommorows game,this was the first Habs game that I’ve seen this year.GO HABS GO,as old Dutchy used to chant.

  4. Price was solid, the Habs need to play like this defensively every game if they want to be considered a DEFENSIVE team. Seems like everybody’s starting to wake up. It’s good to see that they played as a team tonight.

  5. They played better for sure, Phil. And once Markov’s back, the power play should improve. I’m just so thankful in many ways that Price is doing what he’s doing.

  6. As someone who believes in the interconnectedness of things I am taking great heart that today saw the 104th running of the cycling classic, the 260km Giro di Lombardia around the hills above the beautiful Lake Como in Northern Italy. As the last of the 5 great classics it is also known as
    “La classica delle foglie morte”

    Why would Habs fans give a diddly sh*t?

    Well it translates as “The Race of the Falling Leafs”. (well leaves actually but you get the picture.)

    After today the tumble starts.

    Is playing two nights consecutively coming of a win good or bad in your opinion?

  7. Hey Dennis, To Blue Bayou,This should be a good thing for the Habs as long as they can perform defesively as they did last nite,keep in mind that the Sens goaltending isnt as good as the Sabres,so this may mean a better outcome for the Habs.You never know just what to expect in the NHL anymore though,we could be suprised.

  8. Hi Blue Bayou. I think coming off a win the night before is an excellent thing. Now it’s up to them to prove me right. And “The race of the falling Leafs.” I might have to steal that for a title at some point. Do you need royalties?

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