Ryan White True Grit

Ryan White has signed a one-year deal with the Canadiens, and this is good.

Because we need a guy like Ryan White, out there getting his nose dirty. Providing a spark when the bigger stars are in a funk. A good blue-collar prairie boy from Brandon, Manitoba.

White, just 23 years old, provides as much grit as anyone on the team. He’s not an offensive star by any means, but he’s an NHL regular because he works hard, stands up to bigger players, comes to the rescue of his smaller teammates, and scores the odd goal with great flair and enthusiasm.

I’ll just bet there’s a lot of teams who would love to have Ryan White.

But they don’t. We do. Ryan White is a Montreal Canadien and we’re happy that he is. Have a great year, Ryan. Help the team go all the way. Then sign a multi-year, big money deal and stay a long time.

All the details are at Canadiens.com Ryan White inks one-year deal sent via Danno.

8 thoughts on “Ryan White True Grit”

  1. Very good, definitely doesn’t suck.
    Now all that’s left to do is to sign Gorges to a good long term deal and we’re set for next season.

  2. Yep, Chris. I suppose very soon we’ll hear of a new deal with Gorges. I’m very optimistic about our team.

  3. good we needed the grit but we still need to lock up josh gorges to along term deal after that we would still have the cap space to sign alex kovalev for one more run i hope

  4. Thanks, Brogan. Guys like White are important and a nice piece of the puzzle for any team. I loved the way he’d step in when the going got rough. As for Kovalev, I think his career is more than winding down, it’s near the end, and I’m not sure he’d help the Habs a great deal except for maybe on the power play. The last few years he hasn’t looked all that interested. I know he really wants to return to Montreal but in my mind anyway, he’s too old. There were also many times when he was a Hab when he just wasn’t into it and it was hard to understand. One game he’d play like a star, and then for five or six he looked half asleep.

  5. Here’s Ryan White getting his Gordie Howe hat trick last season against Minnesota. It was one of the few blowout games by Montreal which went on to beat the Wild 8-1…


    White’s assist on PK Subban’s goal gave PK his third goal of the game.

    I laughed when PK called Ryan by his nickname “Whitey” after the game.

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