Ryan White And Ian Schultz Ready To Rock

Ryan White, finally back this season, with fellow right winger Ian Schultz joining him, both making their way from Hamilton.

Two gritty forwards, ready to help the team continue their roll. How great is that?

White has been out the entire year so far due to a sports hernia, and he’s been missed. This is a feisty guy who doesn’t mind tangling with much bigger opponents, and can cause serious havoc in front of the net. Schultz came from St. Louis with Lars Eller when Jaroslav Halak was sent packing, and is a tough bugger who hopefully can fit in nicely.

Now we need Andrei Markov to make an appearance.

11 thoughts on “Ryan White And Ian Schultz Ready To Rock”

  1. Hey Dennis, Great to see Ryan White return to the lineup,he is a fixturre for sure.I just am hoping Markov can return eventually this seasson,he has been missed.

  2. So the big question, who sits? I’m guessing Palushaj is the first odd man out. After that it’s anyone’s guess. It can even be a defenceman since we’ve been dressing seven recently. Could a trade even be coming?

  3. I hope no trades. I know what White brings and its is much needed grit and he is young and full ofspunk which is always needed. I want to see Schultz play. Hes a big boy> Ellers play and Carey’s play assure us we won the Halak deal but Schultz would be icing. One of few and far trades we have won. I think Laughs and Sens are coming back to us as both suck right now which is awesome because they are 7th and 8th place teams. Man, wrong timeof year to be sucking but I guess if you’re good at it, you gotta do it. Haha, Washington and Winnipeg are no better too. They are making this way too easy for us.

  4. A trade is coming. I know they are showcasing Darche like there’s no tomorrow.

    These are two very interesting call-ups. I’m glad to have White back (I missed him) but Schultz is the surprise. I know we have Boston this week so they’ll both come in handy for that. I think they’re going to send one of these guys from Hamilton (not White) and possibly someone else in a trade.

    I think Weber was going as well but he got injured. Moen is supposedly going and so is Gill. But since we are winning now who knows what’s going to happen.

    I just hope and pray we keep this up. I know streaks do come to an end, I just don’t want it to this week.

  5. Hey Habs fans! Leafs are floundering , Washington Ottawa and Winnipeg are going nowhere….Huge opening for your Habs to salvage the season riding the back of the best goalie in the league right up the middle into 7th or 8th spot….

    Can you imagine getting a shot at the Bruins with a hot Price in the first round …revenge

  6. I would love to get in and then take out the Bruins. I’d just love it. Even if we got bounced in the second round, I’d take it. I want to spoil their party. It’s out duty to do so.

    I don’t know how the Leafs fans do it. All these years and nothing. It’s like three steps forward, 5 steps back all the time. We bitch and complain about our management but Toronto has us beat big time in that department.

  7. Even if he does Dennis, he won’t help them that much. Luongo will let them down again.

    I keep hearing that he may be going back to Pittsburgh.

  8. I give this news my seal of approval. I’m really glad White is back…. and I’d like to see Shultz get a shot. He is a big tough gritty forward.

    Both these guys played together a bit with the Calgary Hitmen too… so they’ve known each other for a while.

    Ryan White, 4 goals 1 assist, +2, 10 SOG and 26 penlaty minutes in 4 games with the Bulldogs…. 😉

  9. Yves, I think we’ve lacked grit all season and realize just how important White can be. I want a tough team, one that other teams don’t look forward to playing. I think Bourque has added somnething and I hope these two do too.

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