Ryan Miller Calls Lucic A Smelly Name

I’d heard about Milan Lucic barrelling into Buffalo goaltender Ryan Miller, with Miller not happy about it later in the media scrum, but I hadn’t seen it until now when Danno sent it to me. Often, things come up while I’m at work, which was the case here. But I may be retiring shortly because I have a 6/49 ticket that could be worth 22 million but I just haven’t had time to check my numbers yet.

The first video shows the collision, the second shows Miller calling Lucic a piece of shit.

51 thoughts on “Ryan Miller Calls Lucic A Smelly Name”

  1. Danno, POS is loving every minute of it and it shows what kind of a person he is. What if Miller takes as long as Crosby to come back? It’s not a laughing matter and I have zero respect for this dude.

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