Ryan Miller And The US Squad Take Down The Canadians

How come Martin Brodeur never plays like that against the Habs? For years now, the goalie has been steady as a rock, a better puck handler than many forwards, and a complete thorn in the side when he goes against most teams, especially the Montreal Canadiens.

Sunday night in Vancouver, in a  5-3 US win that put a frown on faces of Canadian hockey fans everywhere, Brodeur was surprisingly shaky, flip-flopping and making blunders while handling the puck, and looked very ordinary, unlike his counterpart at the other end, American Ryan Miller, who was amazing and who outplayed Brodeur by a wide margin. The Buffalo Sabres are very fortunate to have Miller stopping pucks for them.

Shots on goal were Canada 44, US 22.

It wasn’t just Miller and Brodeur who had a hand in the outcome of this classic thriller of historic proportions. Team Canada once again looked out of sync, like they were against Switzerland, while Team USA played with heart and soul and who buried their chances when they got them.  And a prime example of outworking came on the Ryan Kesler empty-net goal with seconds left when he somehow found the fortitude to swat at the puck in a race with Corey Perry, who had decided he’d wait to touch the puck until the proper moment. The proper moment was improper, it was too late, and the puck was in the net.

If I was coach Mike Babcock, I’d sit Perry for this nonchalant play that became the killer fifth goal for the Americans. A lazy play like that, in a game like that, is unacceptable.

I was going to begin this post by saying it wasn’t the end of the world, it was a life and death struggle and heart-stopping and all that, but then I thought about Canadian figure skater Joannie Rochette. Joannie’s mom and dad had come to Vancouver to see her skate on Tuesday, and today, just two days before the proud moment, Joannie’s mom collapsed and died of a heart attack. That’s real life, real tragedy, real life and death. This was only a hockey game, and Canada is still in it.

Things were put into perspective for me when I heard this news.

Canada plays Germany on Tuesday. Will Brodeur be back between the pipes, or will Roberto Luongo, or even Marc-Andre Fleury step in?

17 thoughts on “Ryan Miller And The US Squad Take Down The Canadians”

  1. Hey Dennis;Although Martin made some outstanding save in true Brodeurian fashion,he didnt have a good game.He will be replaced next game by Roberto for sure.I dont think Canada played a real bad game ,nor did Brodeur,just some unlucky bounces,especially the first two american goals.There is no need to get panicky just yet,we will be in the gold medal game.Very sorry about Joanie Rochette’s mom,very sad, very sad.

  2. My heart goes out to Rochette, what a terribly unfair thing to happen. There is never a good time to die but obviously some times are worse than others. As for the game? I’m not too worked up about it in fact I only tuned in randomly and from what I did see there were definite times when we absolutely buzzed the American’s zone. The game against Germany will give our team of strangers another opportunity to get to know each other and maybe even iron out the power play. This extra game can only help us.

  3. Dennis, I can’t imagine how Joannie will be able to concentrate on the Olympics now. Hopefully competing can be used as a distraction from the tragedy of real life by her and her family.

    Brodeur was ordinary and I agree that Luongo will probably get the next start. It’s disappointing to lose, but in many ways being forced to play an extra game can be a good thing. It will allow Canada more opportunity to get used to playing together. I can’t believe we’ll have any problems beating Germany. And to win gold we probably would have had to beat Russia at some time.

  4. Dishonest John, do I ever like your take on this, that an extra game can only help us. It’s the perfect view. Bravo.

  5. Chris, you and Dishonest John have it right. An extra game will be a good thing. Through all the doom and gloom, this perspective never occurred to me. You two are definitely in the running for GM of the Habs when I own the team.

  6. we will definitely need the extra game because if ( i cant believe im using the word “if”) we get past the Germans then we have Russia waiting for us. Canada played good enough to win that game tonight but Ryan Miller had other plans and the states got some fortunate bounces and had the luck of playing against a sub-par Martin Brodeur. Luongo has to be the starter for the rest of the tourny now, I dont think you can take a chance of putting Brodeur back in when he hasnt really looked that comfortable in either game hes played, Im not saying hes played shitty but he hasnt looked himself. Dennis, your dead on with corey perry, if i was the coach i’d tell him to pack up his shit and get on the next flight home. What the hell was he thinking? he had to know he was in a foot race for the puck and he slack-assed it. Anyways there is no point in dwelling on the loss, hopefully we can pick up the pieces and move on and come back stronger.

  7. Where was the defence? I think Perry was thinking about the pass to allow Canada to leave its end. He had good position on Kesler who got very lucky with his shot. I think Kesler was just slapping the puck away from Perry to kill some more time.
    In Turin the complaint was we were too young, this time we’re showing to old and slow. However I liked Iginla, although he wasn’t scoring, I thought good things were happening when he was on.

  8. Jordy, I know you like Kesler and I don’t blame you after seeing that. That was a great goal. I am a little upset with him however for saying in an interview that he hates the Canadians. (Not us, the team). I just thought it was a bit strong considering he plays in Canada. Anyway, it’ll be interesting for Brodeur’s legacy if Luongo plays the rest.

  9. Chris, we just need to see a more dominant Iginla. He can do it. He has in the past in international hockey. And yes, the defence could have helped out on that empty-netter but I just thought Perry was too slack in his effort. Are they too old? I don’t think so. Maybe Pronger and Niedermayer. Maybe they should have brought in Josh Gorges!

  10. To be honest Dennis, I had no idea Kesler said that until late last night when the game was long over. Im a huge Kesler fan but that was just a stupid thing to say, Hes a real emotional guy and I think his lips move a little to fast for his brain sometimes. As far as the defense I think Chris raises a great point. Pronger and Niedermayer have really started to show there age, I dont think they have played awful but they havnt really done all that much. Duncan Keith and Brent Seabrook have been invisible, Dan Boyle in my opinion never should have made the team and Shea Weber and Drew Doughty have been are best D-men up to this point and they are the two most inexperienced guys. All those guys need to step up and play to there full potential if they are going to win. As for Brodeurs legacy, I dont think it will be tarnished if Loungo takes over, with all hes accomplished its hard to think that one tourniment will define his legacy.

  11. Well that was quite a game but for a moment I thought I was watching a Canadiens game with Price in net. We tie the game up & 22 seconds later the States score and lead again! Like Yogi said it’s deja vue all over again. I hope you guys are right about this extra game thing, I’m not so sure, the team must be pretty down right now after their last two efforts. The Germans always play big against Canada & if we don’t get our s–t together it’s lights out folks!
    From the East

  12. Good comments, Mike. I suppose they are down and it’s time to get up again. And you’re right, the German’s can play big at times and so it’s not a given. What an embarrassment if they lost to Germany.

  13. The thought of losing to Germany is horrifying to me it would obviously knock Canada out but it would also mean in 4 Olympics we only won one medal I dont think i can some that up any better then by calling that a national embarrassment.

  14. Jordy, it would be a national embarrassment but they made their bed. Here’s what I think; There’s no difference between those who choose the top 22 by Yzerman, Hitchcock, Lemaire, Babcock etc, than it would be hockey fans like you and me and several hundred thousand others. We can all come up with who we think are the top forwards and defence and goaltenders, and we’d all come up with darn good teams. Teams, in many cases, that would be doing better than this team, and with better chemistry. I believe this. I think Yzerman and company may be second-guessing themselves just a little right now.

  15. Really exciting game, but it’s a real shame Brodeur was the lame duck. I couldn’t understand what was giong through his mind. I scratched my head a few times in amazement, ’cause he’s usually flawless, but he may have made of 4 brutal mistakes, and 2 led to goals.

    Safe to say that Luongo starts versus Versus Germany.

    rather than that, I’m satisfied with the way Canada is playing. They’re fast, shoot consistently and press well. If they don’t choke, they should be able to go far.

  16. Phil, they really did pour it on in the third but Miller was the difference. Tonight’s the night! Or for you – morning.

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