Russia’s Line Combinations Show A Strong Team

The Russians have announced their line combinations and yes indeed, this looks like a team to be reckoned with.

Hockey historian Joe Pelletier has done a bang-up job of examining this Russian Olympic team and defending the additions of Kontinental Hockey League players on the team as opposed to a complete NHL lineup. You can see Joe’s story right here.

Habs connection: Andrei Markov, of course, who will be playing whether he’s 100% healthy or not.

8 thoughts on “Russia’s Line Combinations Show A Strong Team”

  1. Dennis,

    I agree that the Russian team is good but I also think they might be one of the more overrated teams coming into the tournament. I have heard alot of people say that Canada is going to struggle against them if they face off against eachother. The only question i have for those people is……how do you figure? for every great Russian player on that team Canada has a player of equal talent if not much better and im only talking about the forwards. If you compare defense its like comparing boys to men, we are on a whole different level. It speaks volumes about how deep are team is when guys like Jerome Iginla and Mike Richards are playing on are 4th line.

  2. Jordy, For me the Russians look awesome. The only question is, will they play as a team or as individuals.

  3. Thats usually the million dollar question with the Russians.On paper I agree with you%100 that Russia looks good with players like Malkin and Datsyuk that are great team players, but guys like Kovalchuck, Ovechkin and Alex Semin are 3 of the most selfish players in the league, not to mention defensive liabilities, I dont think they have even seen what the ice past there own blue line looks like. I just want to see Canada place higher then Russia so Crosby can show once again his style of play and what he brings to a team is far more meaningful then Ovechkins one dimensional offensive flare.

  4. The Russian forwards are scary good, but their defence isn’t in Canada’s league. They will be living by the motto “the best defence is offence”.

  5. All that firepower didn’t help Russia against Slovakia and Halak. Only one goal on 37 shots and only one goal in 7 shootout attempts.

  6. Holy smokes. The Russians lost. There will be questions asked about this. Like, is there lack of chemistry? Were they an overconfident bunch? This tourney isn’t clear-cut.

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