Russians Dismissed


Alex Ovechkin, Ilya Kovalchuk, Evgeny Malkin and other Russian players are seen here in northern Siberia after losing to the Finns 3-1 in Olympic quarterfinals action today in Sochi.

What a disappointment this must be to the Russian nation and Prez Putin.

In fact, Putin is probably more than mildly upset and I’d advise Pussy Riot to stay out of his way for a day or two.

16 thoughts on “Russians Dismissed”

  1. I just posted on this on Twitter and Facebook! I hope that the Penguins are prepared for life without Malkin (and ditto the Capitals with respect to Ovechkin, etc.), as Vladimir Putin will be sending that team on the long train ride to the Siberian Gulag. He may also invade Finland.

    I wonder, if Markov gets sent to the Gulag, does his salary still count against the salary cap?

  2. Ian, when I was putting my post on Facebook, I saw that you had just said something similar to what I said. Within seconds of each other. Hope you don’t mind.

  3. Woohooo!

    “…He may also invade Finland” 😀
    They tried it once at 1930-40. Result was about the same… 😀
    Next game is sweet. Against the arrogant swedes!

  4. Hi Dennis!

    This kind of hockey that the Finns play right now is going to kill me. I think I’m two years older after every game… 😀

  5. First there was Pussy Riot and now a panty riot.

    Looks like all hell’s broken loose in Mother Russia…

    But seriously, I’m sad that Russia didn’t make it to the finals. I really wanted to see a Russia vs Canada battle for the gold.

    Canada cannot afford to get too cocky. Look what happened today against Latvia. The boys need to wake up and smell the coffee when they face off against the Yanks on Friday.

    It’s funny Dennis. I was thinking exactly the same corny thing about Ovechkin and the boys being sent to Siberia when I heard Russia lost today. I missed the game because I was busy at work putting in my usual 176% when I heard the news.

  6. It seems Putin wants the country to regress but it’s too late. The young people like Denis and Natasha won’t let it happen. Young Russians are worldly, which the old foggies aren’t.

  7. Danno, what a slacker DK is, only 147% while you at 176% & me at 175% even though I did watch the first 2 periods at lunch, well maybe a long lunch!

  8. Holy shit…the Russians eliminated…very shocked.
    When they lost in 2010, Putin said heads will roll.
    This time it will be “off with their heads”…
    I agree with Danno. I wanted to see Russia and Canada in the finals…too bad.

  9. @Mike and Dennis

    Always give 100% at work …….

    12% On Monday
    23% On Tuesday
    40% On Wednesday
    20% On Thursday
    5% On Fridays


  10. Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky ( said after the game, that the reason why Finns keep on winning them is the the hate. He said the Finns hate the Russians because of the winter war 1939. That’s close to biggest B.S. I have never heard.

    I don’t hate them. I know, if the game was only a skills competition we wouldn’t have chance. Somehow even Teemu Selänne can defend when he plays to his national team. That’s the difference.

    At this point I don’t see any other possibilities but to go to the final, because losing to Sweds isn’t an option.

    Sorry to disappoint you, but you have to settle for us. 😀 …if Team Canada plays in the final. (hope it does)

    To me the next round is close to heaven. Two rivalries CAN-USA and FIN-SWE. At the end the best of the Europe against the best of the North America.

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