Russian Juniors Move On To Meet The Canadians

It was some kind of hockey game in Calgary Monday night, as the Russians and Czech juniors clashed in a battle of goaltenders, with the Russians coming out it with an 2-1 overtime win and the right to meet the Canadians Tuesday evening.

What a game. Chances galore at both ends, but the goalies, Czech Petr Mrazek and Russian Andrei Vasilevski, stood tall, making save after spectacular save, and it was such a treat to see these old rival countries perform like they did.

Exciting times, and my wife, who is Russian, went from eyes semi-closed to eyes wide open, especially in the third when pucks flew and goalies sprawled and glove hands darted out, and back and forth it went. And in the end, just 1:30 into overtime, Russia’s Grigori Zheldakov blasted one past Mrazek with a Czech forward injured and out of the play, and like they say, Boris is your uncle.

Who is my wife going to cheer for tomorrow?  “If Canada wins, I’ll be happy,” she says. “Russia did it last year, and enough is enough. Go Canada go.”

I second that. Go Canada Go!


2 thoughts on “Russian Juniors Move On To Meet The Canadians”

  1. Hey Dennis, I watched the game briefly and yes it was exciting.I enjoy the fastskating and hard checking of these junior games,the guys go full tilt all the time.I am really looking forawrd to tonites game, it should be a barn burner. Like they said in 72..Da Da Canada.

  2. This post maybe a little off topic from the post above but I feel it needs to be addressed. We all come to this site to brighten our day but lately some posts have crossed the line from friendly disagreements to insults. We as a whole only want whats the best for the bleu blanc et rouge, agreed. I’ve read many sites where it’s just ridicules name calling, this site has rarely had this type of dialogue! We all have strong opinions about how are team is preforming, but I feel we need to respect a differant slant on the subject. I’ve been taken to task about Gainey, Carbo to name a few but it was always with a well thought out review. DK’s site is where we come to discuss not bicker. I’m sure when thought is given to my post I hope no one takes offence as that is not my intent. I think some may have over reacted to some of the the things posted, I know my intent of humour was not taken well & after reflecting I could see how it could be hurtful & have since shied away from such posts. It’s a new year folks we are all for the same team, if we disagree lets agree to disagree! Just to let you know I side with no one it’s just how I see it. Lets get back to gripeing, laughing when we return from another day in paradise.
    I hear the gong show continues as Gauthier has now apologized to the fans for promoting RC as interim coach, we’ve become a late night top ten F/UP Quiz!!
    les Canadiens sont la!!!!!

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