Russia Stuns Canada With Dramatic Comeback

It’s the kind of thing that will stick with them for decades, maybe forever.

They had it, these Canadian boys. They had it for sure. Up 3-0 going into the final period, everybody doing their jobs, everyone looking good.

Gold’s going to feel good.

But Russia had other plans. They shifted into another gear, scored three goals in under five minutes to tie it, and finally, in a comeback of stunning proportions, the Russians came all the way back with a late goal to win and earn the right to sink their teeth into those precious gold medals.

One team on top of the world, the other – stunned and shocked.

The Canadian players will surely toss and turn tonight, and a sickening feeling will stick in their guts as they make their way back to their regular teams throughout the land. Any loss sucks. But this one will be the granddaddy of them all for most.

What just happened?

Canada let the Russians collect momentum and the train couldn’t be stopped once it got rolling.

It just goes to show that it’s never over until it’s over, that no lead is safe, that you can’t take your foot off the petal.

I’m still proud of our Canadian boys, of course. The way these young men play the game is always a marvel to see, year after year. You see them in their street clothes and they could be any high school student anywhere. But put a hockey uniform and skates on them and they turn into magicians, playing almost as if they’re NHLers. Their parents must be very proud.

12 thoughts on “Russia Stuns Canada With Dramatic Comeback”

  1. i was able to listen to the 1st 2 periods on radio and feeling good. the broadcasters made it sound like there was no contest. when i checked the final score, what a shock……… oh those russians. they will always have that explosive capability. did canada get a little too comfortable after 2 ? i know i did. they must have left the door open even just a crack to start the 3rd……….it’s the same ole lesson again… is a 60 min. game…… i know another team that could learn that lesson.
    congrats to the lads

  2. Happy New Year Dennis

    The 3rd period definetly brought out a fiesty and aggressive Russian team…oh to be a Russian fly on the wall of that locker room… they simply dominated and our boys were caught off task. A 40 min game doesn’t win it. We all know that…
    Once again tho’ , a virtual pleasure to watch these young Canadians playing a true game of hockey, playing their hearts out and enjoying the crap out of it….until the last 20 min anyway…
    Those toothy Russian grins were in my minds eye all evening.

  3. It must be heartbreaking for them. But that’s what you get when you don’t play a full 60 minutes.
    The worst part of it is, when I was checking the score and saw that Canada was leading by 3 after 2 periods. I had this horrible gut feeling that Russia would come back to win it. And it’s just really sad that it actually came true.

  4. Hobo, Canada had it in the bag for two periods but then allowed Russia to find their legs. A good lesson learned to be sure. It sucks, though.

  5. Jan! Happy New Year to you and the gang too! Hope all’s well. I suppose as much as we’re proud of our boys, it’s not much consolation for them right now. I guess they’re feeling lousy. They almost had it. And to see the Russians squealing into the camera afterward made it even worse. And Jan, your Canucks are playing well and looking good. If only Montreal could play like that, and if only Montreal had a backup goalie like you guys do.

  6. It sucks, Phil. For whatever reason, they loosened their grip and let the Russians turn it up. A big lesson learned. Ouch.

  7. dennis
    i was thinking today of how your wife must feel. i know she is cheering for canada and after the colossal canadian collapse it must be a little awkward. if i were her i would be very proud of my native country men.

  8. I think she is, Hobo. She’s always disappointed if Russia is less than a threat at anytime in hockey, she asks how they’re doing and all that. But more and more she’s become a proud Canadian. I guess what we have to think about is if we moved to Russia, we’d definitely still be cheering for Canada. But this country has given her so much, and Canada has helped her daughter who has some issues, and she’s very grateful. She’s proud of the beautiful buildings in St. Petersburg, but she’s also fully aware that Canada is beautiful everywhere. She cheers for Canada but she wants hockey fans to know her Russian players are good too.

  9. Did JM send along his game plan, get a lead then sit back for a period & a 1/4. Just a thought.
    Cheers from the East!!!!

  10. It’s definitely something the Habs have been guilty of, Mike. Sit back and let it all slip away.

  11. I don’t understand it. No explanation makes sense. The best ones I came up with were.
    1) The teams changed jerseys during the 2nd intermission.
    2) The Canadians hit the bubbly during the 2nd intermission.
    3) The Canadians all got a concussion when the Russian fell down unconscious.

  12. Chris, I think all three are valid. What about the KGB drugging the Canadian team’s Gatorade?

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