Roz Rendezvous

This just happens to be…….


A metal hockey player/wine holder given to me last week when I met my friend Rosalyn Roy and her mom and brother at McLean’s Pub in downtown Montreal.


I’ve known Roz for several years, although we’d never met until now. She writes a great blog called Tyger by the Tail in which she details her life in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, and her love/hate relationship with the Montreal Canadiens. On Twitter she’s @Tygerlylly.

Roz and her mom and brother did their annual drive to Montreal to take in a game, I finally met them all, and although they were tired from the long haul from the coast, they were warm and friendly and Roz bought me a beer!

She also did a radio spot at some point in their hectic weekend which began with taking in a Habs practice at Brossard.

How great it is to finally meet someone you’ve only known through good old blog pages. Hopefully they’ll come back again next year.

5 thoughts on “Roz Rendezvous”

  1. Dennis it was wonderful meeting you too! I thoroughly enjoyed our chat and will be blogging more about our trip including hanging out with you and Gaston. Alas I am not as prolific a writer as you, so it will take me a few days yet. Did you try the vino?

  2. Of course he tried it Tyg, this is a man of taste who used to savor Four Aces! He is the most interesting man in the world.

  3. Peter, geez, I thought it was just a few old Orillians who know about 4-Aces. I’m very impressed. And such rot gut.

  4. Yes But it was cheap! quick and to the point!!!!! AND the label was kinda neat. Mixed good with Rubi Rouge too. Hey, us Brighton , ont. boys had class!!

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