Roy, Robinson, Gretzky, Messier – In Ottawa

On Friday, September 19, 1986, the Montreal Canadiens played an exhibition game against the Edmonton Oilers at the Ottawa Civic Centre.  I lived in Ottawa at the time but sometimes, as was the case here, real life gets in the way and I had to work and couldn’t go. Just like the time I had a couple of front row seats for Roy Orbison at the National Arts Centre and was out on a truck run, got back late, and missed that too.

But my buddy Frank and his son Robin went to this Habs-Oilers clash, and brought me back a program.

This was a charity event for the Canadian Cystric Fibrosis Foundation, and two beauty teams went at it that night. Montreal had won the Stanley Cup that previous spring, and boasted Patrick Roy in nets, along with guys like Bobby Smith, Larry Robinson, Guy Carbonneau, Bob Gainey, Chris Chelios, and Stephane Richer.

The Oilers were pretty well in a class by themselves. They had won the two previous Cups, in 1984 and 1985, and the two after, in 1987 and `88, with a lineup of Wayne Gretzky, Grant Fuhr, Paul Coffey, Glenn Anderson, Mark Messier, Jari Kurri etc.

Edmonton won the game that night 8-3, so maybe it was good that I missed it.

4 thoughts on “Roy, Robinson, Gretzky, Messier – In Ottawa”

  1. What a game to see but what a loss. Ouch. That’s why exhibition games are sometimes not really worth it. The drive isn’t really there and they tend to be a little half-assed.

    It would have been a hell of a show to see though considering some of the people in that line-up. If we had that team now it’d be interesting to see how well we’d do. I bet we’d be one of the top teams in the league.

  2. Dennis I remember that game like yesterday. What a line-up for both teams. That was way before they put nets around the rink to stop pucks from hitting fans, and that night Claude Lemieux took a slap shot from centre and hit fan in the face sitting up behind the Edmonton net, close to me and my dad. I still have the same program also. Thanks for the memories. Robin

  3. Darth, the Habs were a good team, they’d won the Cup, but Edmonton was better and a true powerhouse, which Montreal wasn’t. I’ve had so many jobs over the years involving shiftwork that I missed so many things, and I was never so happy as when VCR’s were invented. Finally I could see that Canada Cup game that I would have missed, or playoff games or World Series. So my advice to young people – go to university and get a nice cushy job that doesn’t interfere with the important stuff.

  4. Hi Robin. That’s great. I wish I could’ve been with you guys, but an 8-3 loss would’ve bummed me out. I remember your dad telling me how great Gretzky looked that night.

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