Room With A View

I’ve shown this before but a few things have been added so I thought I’d show it again. Hey, it’s a free country, right?

Welcome to my spare room. There’s a high concentration of 1950’s Habs stuff,  the sweaters in the case range from the thirties to the fifties, and you might even see Gaston and Jack Schitt somewhere along the line. Not that you’d want to see Gaston but anyway.

1944-45 Habs, game eight 1972 Summit Series ticket stub, and the Rocket and son Normand


3 thoughts on “Room With A View”

  1. DK, in the forth picture down I can see you to the left but what happened to your facial features??! Great collection Dennis, Im feeling a bad thing – – – jealousy!!

  2. I’m drooling right now. What a room! They sell special NHL team paint so you could paint the room in the sacred colors….which is exactly what I’ll do when I get a real room to make into a shrine. My current shrine is fairly pitiful at the moment.

    I have that Rocket Richard action figure. I also have Guy Lafleur, PK’s and Plante’s. I also have Cammy’s….oops on that one.

    Man this room is amazing! I hope everything is insured though. There are some real treasures there (to me all of it is a treasure).

    Love the Beatles figures too.

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