Rookie Camp About To Rock

Finally, the first stage of setting the wheels in motion for kicking off the new season. Rookie camp, where kids strut their stuff, show what they’re made of, and then are shipped off to old and new junior and minor league teams throughout the land.

And every so often, someone impresses the heck out of everybody, and with just a little more seasoning……..

Writing about players in the Habs minor league system has never been my strong suit, and so I urge you to check out Robert Rice’s site at Habs and Hockey for all the necessary info. Robert knows his stuff and he’ll give you the lowdown on guys who may or may not someday crack the big club lineup. Robert has also shared his wisdom at Hockey Inside/Out from time to time, and I’m assuming he will again this year. I hope so.

And from, a look at the gang showing up for rookie camp.

NUMBER Player name
Position 2010-2011 team
78 Olivier Archambault Left Wing Val D’Or (QMJHL)
36 Alexander Avtsin Right wing Hamilton (AHL)
40 Nathan Beaulieu Defenseman Saint-John (QMJHL)
34 Alain Berger Left Wing Oshawa (OHL)
38 Hunter Bishop Left Wing Hamilton (AHL) / Wheeling (ECHL)
49 Michael Bournival Left Wing Shawinigan (QMJHL)
39 Peter Delmas GOALIE Hamilton (AHL)/Wheeling (ECHL)
Halifax (QMJHL)/Wichita (CHL)
84 Darren Dietz Defenseman Saskatoon (WHL)
37 Gabriel Dumont Centre Hamilton (AHL)
85 Morgan Ellis Defenseman Cape Breton (QMJHL)
64 Olivier Fortier Centre Hamilton (AHL)
73 Brendan Gallagher Right wing Vancouver (WHL)
71 Louis Leblanc Centre Montreal (QMJHL)
90 Philippe Lefebvre Left Wing Montreal (QMJHL)
80 Dany Masse Left Wing Hamilton (AHL) / Wheeling (ECHL)
65 Robert Mayer GOALIE Hamilton (AHL)
47 Brendon Nash Defenseman Hamilton (AHL) / Montreal (NHL)
28 Joonas Nattinen Centre HPK / Espoo (Finland)
60 Aaron Palushaj Right wing Hamilton (AHL) / Montreal (NHL)
43 Ian Schultz Right wing Hamilton (AHL)
86 Joe Stejskal Defenseman Dartmouth (ECAC) / Hamilton (AHL)
42 Jarred Tinordi Defenseman London (OHL)
54 Dustin Walsh Left Wing Dartmouth (ECAC)
94 Ben Winnett Centre Michigan (CCHA)
83 Étienne Brodeur Left Wing Lewiston (QMJHL)
55 Olivier Dame-Malka Defenseman Lewiston (QMJHL)
70 Tony Dehart Defenseman Oshawa (OHL)
48 Philip Desimone Centre New Hampshire (HE)
87 Robin Gusse GOALIE Rouyn-Noranda / Chicoutimi (QMJHL)
91 Josh McFadden Defenseman Sudbury (OHL)
89 Jordon Southorn Defenseman Trenton (ECHL)

7 thoughts on “Rookie Camp About To Rock”

  1. All I know is that Michael Bournival is off to a great start having scored five goals in the first two games he’s played in the QMJHL this season with the Chicoutimi Cataractes.

    And now he packs his bags for training camp with the big club on a positive note…

    Imagine, being 19 years old and getting a chance like that!

    I agree with you Dennis that Robert Rice is the authority on Habs prospects.

    Hockey’s almost here. Can’t wait!

  2. Danno, I can’t wait either. I suppose it’s basd to wish our life away, but we need our hockey fix. Especially when we have a good team and have high hopes.Like now.

  3. I think I might be going to the practice tomorrow. It’s open to the public so I might give it a shot. Maybe I’ll meet and get to talk to some of them! I just hope I don’t make an ass out of myself and come off as a horse’s ass.

  4. Darth, is it possible you can take some pictures that I ca put up here? And if you get tongue-tied, just ask them how their golf game is or something just slightly different than what they have to answer to reporters. I think you’ll be great.

  5. If I go (I’m pretty positive that I will) I will try to take a ton of pictures. Tomorrow is group A and group B so some of the biggies should be there: Cole, Price, etc.

    I do know if I meet Pacioretty, I have one hell of a killer line to use on him and hopefully I’ll get the chance.

    I don’t know what the crowd will be like, they said to come early so I’ll go there for about 9 in the morning.

    If I do get the chance to meet any of them you can bet your butt I will be telling them how they should be getting ready for next year’s Stanley Cup parade.

  6. Good luck, Darth. Sounds like great fun. You see the benefits of living in Montreal? You don’t have palm trees but you have players.

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