Roman Leaves And Erik Cole Enters

Roman Hamrlik is on his way to Washington with a brand new 2 year, 7 million dollar contract in his pocket, and left winger Erik Cole is coming to Montreal after signing today for four years (18 million).

Cole, 32, adds nice size, he’s 6’2″, 205, and has given the Habs and the rest of us fits over the years with his knack of finding the back of Montreal’s net. Last season in Carolina, Cole managed 26 goals and 26 assists, and we expect him to produce this much at the very least. In fact, 36 goals would be more like it.

So long Roman and welcome Erik. I’ll take a big, goal-scoring forward any day of the week.

Arpon Basu has a nice rundown on Cole right here

13 thoughts on “Roman Leaves And Erik Cole Enters”

  1. Cole was probably one of the top UFA forwards after Richards. Well done Gauthier.

    Best of luck Roman, you carried much more of the load than your tired legs should have been capable of this these past 2 years.

  2. Happy Canada Day from the seat of all civilzation (stop laughing..)

    Well there’s a few gone out the door. Halpern did well for us I thought, a gritty performer. Shame to see Roman go as well but at his age you go for the best deal you can. I think he would have liked to stay.

    The Wiz was always going ot be difficult to keep.

    I salute them all. Pyatt, Pouliot. Maybe they didn’t always do as well as they should but they’ve all worn the shirt so I can’t fell badly towards any of them and wish them luck with the proviso that they don’t overdo it against us.

  3. Noooooo.

    Benny’s signed for the Bruins. What?????

    There are all those other teams

    Say it ‘aint so

    He’s too nice to be a Bruin

  4. Blue Bayou, after the Bruins saw Pouliot in action, I have no idea why they wanted him.

  5. Good point, BB. They wore the uniform and that makes them more special than most. Get ready for Cole. This gives us two power forwards. Yea!!! Also, I’ve yet to hear about the stickboy job.

  6. Yea, Chris. Cole is a welcome addition. Maybe we’ll get fewer “too small” remarks from the TV guys now.

  7. As a Hurricanes fan, I am really sorry to see Cole go. The Canadiens have picked up a special player, and a true leader here. Best of luck, Cole! He is the one player in our free agent group that I really wanted to stay.

    Best of luck, Colesy!

  8. Thanks, JD. I quite excited about this. Cole’s exactly what the doctor ordered. Thanks.

  9. the bruins didn’t see benny in action because he wasn’t in action. he implies it was the coach who greatly contributed to his inconsistency and apparent lack of desire. what a suck. if he can’t develop some sort of work ethic with the bruins he never will………….. nice guy or not, good ridden and a big welcome mr. cole.

  10. You need this guy Cole if you are going to beat the Bruins in the corners… Nice addition for Montreal ….

    Tim Connolly at centre with Kessel equals 40 goals for “Phil the Thrill”…

  11. He is a hell of a lot better than Tyler Bozak (American League offensive skill) .. Kessel got 30 and 32 goals with Bozak. Connolly should push Kessel over 40 …. Bozak will be 3rd line centre this year ….
    Montreal will be interestinig with Cole,White,Pacioretty toughness up front …

  12. Leaf Fan, adding some more toughness makes Montreal a solid team which could go far. As long as there’s no more serious injuries to key guys. It’ll be interesting to see if Connolly in Toronto makes Kessel a standout. This one could go either way.

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