Rockin’ With Claudette

You’ve got yer Zeppelin albums, yer Beatles, Stones, and Springsteen. You’ve got Dylan and Van the Man and Nirvana and the Who. You’ve got Miles Davis and Pete Seeger and the Buffalo Springfield. You’ve got U2, Metallica, Dave Van Ronk, and the Clash.

But have you got Claudette Auchu and her organ music, featuring such tunes as “It’s Impossible”, “Love Story”, “Ebb Tide”, and the always popular “Yellow Bird”?

I do!

(Claudette was the Montreal Forum organist from 1969 to 1974).


7 thoughts on “Rockin’ With Claudette”

  1. London was, Mike. I even remember (I think) seeing the London label on my parents’ albums back in the 1950s.

  2. Another piece of all but forgotten history of all things Canadien. Nothing eludes the Sleuth from ST. Hubert!! Good work DK keep em coming.

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