Rocket’s Banquet Speech

You can’t go wrong with a good Rocket Richard story.

After the Rocket retired in 1960, he went on the banquet circuit and was in Boston one night for a B’nai B’rith dinner. When it was his turn to speak he got up and said, “I’m happy to be back in Boston. I came here regularly in my 18 years as a player. We beat the Bruins eight or nine times in the playoffs.  We always won. Guess that’s why I like it here so much.”

Then he sat down.

2 thoughts on “Rocket’s Banquet Speech”

  1. Yes, being a French-Canadian myself, I followed in my Father’s footsteps and idolised the Rocket . I think it was in ’72, the year after my Father died, that I took my Mother to an Oldtimer’s game here in Prince Albert, and the Rocket was the referee.
    As I beckoned to him from the boards ( speaking in French)he came over and my Mother was thrilled to say a few words to him.
    He declined our invitation to come out to the farm after the game, but again… with his schedule, who could blame him.

  2. I met him when he was reffing an oldtimers game too, Orbille, but it was later, in the early 1990s in Calgary. He was really nice, which pleased me. It would have sucked if my hero had been a rotten bastard. But he sure wasn’t.

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