9 thoughts on “Robinson And The Boys Bruise The Bullies”

  1. Hey Dennis,What a great clip,even Henri was trying to take on Clarke.This one brings back a ton of memories,great pic Danno.

  2. Damn fine! Some other things I remember from this little get together was it started when Clark was on the boards and he knew a Cdn was behind him and he gave a jab with his stick only then to turn and realize it was Bouchard. I believe I read that his thinking at that point was “Oh, sh*t!” Also the reason Robinson joined the fray late was because he had been in the dressing room getting his skate fixed and when he came out he saw that Schultz had a hold of Lafleur. I didn’t see Tremblay and someone else looked to be wearing number 8 so I’m not sure if Risebrough was there yet either. Beauty eh?

  3. It’s a beauty, John. Robinson was strong as an ox, a big old farm boy. I’m like Gillis, I kind of miss some of that stuff.

  4. Dennis, at around 1:35 on the clip it ooks like even the TV camera felt rattled by Robinson’s mighty blows after a few too many right hooks to Shultz’s noggin.

  5. The Flyers weren’t so much bullies as they were cowards. If you look at their fights at that time, if one of their players was manhandling a smaller player (and it was always a smaller player), they let them go. However, if one of their players was getting beaten, they, the Flyers, would always jump in. It was disgraceful.
    I read an article, a few years back, by Red Fisher, I believe, and can’t remember if it was this fight in particular. Anyhow, Habs/Flyers game, some Flyer was running the Habs so Robinson took him on and absolutely schooled him. In fact, at a certain point he was actually taunting the goon. Then, Larry has his arm back to deliver the coup de grace, only to have someone grab it at the last moment.

  6. Michel, thanks. And by the way, just had a look for the first time at your great site, and the photos are wonderful. What a nice little baby. A beautiful family. Good for you.

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