Road Hockey So Folks Don’t Go Hungry

A big applause to Richard Loat and Victor Lo and their plan to drive across Canada and stop at cities along the way to play some road hockey. It’s all to raise money for food banks, and that’s a cause worth shouting about.

The boys’ website will fill you in completely, including the news that legendary Canucks goalie “King” Richard Brodeur is on board as celebrity ambassador.

There were times in my distant past when I was a skinny vagrant in a jean jacket with about twenty cents in my pocket and had to rely on a soup kitchen or organization to ease my hunger pains. I know first-hand how important food banks are in helping those with difficulties get some food in their bellies and respect in their souls. There’s way too many Canadians in down-and-out situations who need a hot meal and a warm smile and a friend or two to break bread with.

Everyone has a story, and so many of these folk who need help have had extraordinary bad luck in their lives, and the food bank comes through in a big way. No one needs to be hungry for too long.

These coast-to-coast road hockey warriors are beginning in Montreal and stopping in Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg, Regina, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, and Victoria. Along the way, the two and their many friends will be trying to go five-hole and top shelf and win a game or two along the way. And if you feel the urge, you can even play. 

Good luck to these guys. They’re doing something – playing road hockey, to help feed the hungry.

2 thoughts on “Road Hockey So Folks Don’t Go Hungry”

  1. They are, Danno. They’re doing something to help and having fun in the meantime. Nice combination.

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