Right Up The Schwartz’s Alley

I’ve come to know Launy Schwartz a little from writing on his Hockey54 site and chatting with him on the phone from time to time when he calls to wish me a happy birthday and such. It’s easy to tell he’s a guy born to be in front of a microphone and camera talking about hockey, and right now he’s in the running for a nice little gig.

Sports channel The Score, and Gillette, are looking for Canada’s next sportscaster and those involved are submitting videos showing what they can do. On July 19, 10 finalists will be chosen by The Score and whittled down from there, and I’m pulling for The Schwartz, as he calls himself.

Launy is a frontrunner for this great job, and I wish him all the luck in the world. He’d be great. I know he would.

He also happens to be a Habs fan.

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