Ridiculous Display In Nashville

Fifty-five shots on goal. How sad is that, for the Montreal Canadiens to allow 55 shots in a completely unimpressive 2-0 loss to the Predators in Nashville, a team which isn’t pencilled in to win a whole lot of anything this year.

Carey Price’s teammates gave less support than a water-soaked paper jock strap.

I wouldn’t want to be Jacques Martin. Such a frustrating, inconsistant, underachieving bunch he’s trying to work with. This was an unacceptable, pathetic display, with a terrible string of penalties thrown in for good measure. Heck, I wouldn’t even want to be stickboy on this night. How bad is that?

Imagine players wearing the CH and playing like that? Toe Blake is right now pleading with God to send him down so he can give these guys the proper shit they deserve.

Carolina comes to Montreal on Tuesday. For me it’ll be the most curious game of the year so far, if only to see how the Habs play after this bombardment in Nashville. And now’s the time for a change. Surely Bob Gainey and the coaching staff have come to this realization. Either move some players now, or bring up Sergei Kostitysn, or send down several so far into the minors they’d need a periscope to find their way out again.

Better yet, once Battle of the Blades is finished, maybe the three female figure skaters might be interested in joining the Habs.

Random Notes:

Montreal had 20 shots on the Predators, as if it matters.

Mike Danton just got out of jail after five and a half years. Maybe we could sign him.

28 thoughts on “Ridiculous Display In Nashville”

  1. Dennis:

    Tonight was painful. I’m currently watching the condensed replay and it’s still painful, shorter, but painful.

    I am full of pain after watching tonight’s game.

    Carolina’s having a crud year right?

  2. Subdoxastic – Painful’s a good word. I really think we should bring up the female figure skaters. And in all seriousness, there’s a core of about five players who shouldn’t be there as they’re not helping at all. It’s really time for a change. The defence is hurting, but there’s no excuse for the efforts from many of the forwards.

  3. Christopher – Could this mean I bypass the ownership/stickboy and become a player? I was a reasonably good right winger for the Byers Bulldozer Midgets so I figure I could do as well as say, several of them.

  4. Be careful what you wish for Dennis, you might end up being double or even triple shifted. What happened to Gionta today? Did he not play? We can’t afford to lose him.

  5. I can’t believe this. Carey plays his heart out, and this is how the rest repay him, with complete laziness and.

    I’d like to see Carey bash on his teammates in an interview on this game.

    53 SAVES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. just for today, it’s good, ’cause i won’t be hearing all the fans complain about the horrible “effort”.

    we need maybe one more top 6 forward, get rid of Andrei Kostitsyn, it’ll relieve a lot of the salary load, maybe include Sergei, and release Georges Laraque, he’s become completely useless.

  7. Dennis,

    What the heck was that? This team has to be the worst that we have seen in years and that is saying quite a bit. We have no second, third or fourth line. Pleks cannot do it all day in and out. Benching Lats is a no brainer but what about the rest of “crew”. As unbelievable as it may seem, they managed to make Nashville look like a spectacular team. Got to feel bad for Price.

    This is going to be some long season. Nah nah nah nah hey hey hey good bye !!!!!

  8. Yeah, Andre, it could be a long season. Last night Martin had a line for a bit of Kostityn, Lapierre and Latendresse. Imagine. The three biggest underachievers on the team as one line. You’re right, after the first line, there’s nothing. There could be, but there’s not. We need a trade.

  9. I’m sure this is the last thing Bob expected when he made all those moves last summer. The new first line has on the whole been better than the three they replaced not a lot but better especially in shoot outs. Who thought the rest of the team would be so bad? If I’m Plecs maybe I don’t want back with this bunch. How does a guy manage to have such a great start with no support? Lats and Laps have redefined regression and need serious counseling. Kostitsyn has turned into as big a head case as they have. May as well bring up Sergie and send down Pacth where he can develop properly. Right now the light at the end of the tunnel seems to be moving further away.

  10. Ryan, maybe Jacques Martin has been doing all he can, but it still doesn’t mean he won’t be fired. I’m sure he’s not a happy camper at all. But maybe he’s not the right coach either. Regardless, way too many guys just not doing anything. I say make a big trade. Or bring in Tikhonov, Bowman, Lemaire, and Don Cherry. Maybe they can do it.

  11. D-John, Pacioretty is a shell of the player he was a year ago. But he has an excuse, he’s young. There’s lots who have no excuse. I’m just hoping it doesn’t get any worse. There’s only been one game to smile about so far and that’s the Rangers game. The rest have mostly been vomit-inducing. And where’s O’Byrne? I thought he’d be back by now. Still waiting to see about Gionta. Imagine if he’s gone for awhile?

  12. I’ll eat my socks if Jacques Martin gets fired. He’s six weeks in to a four year contract. Carbo had exactly the same issues with the second line last year. Martin simply doesn’t have the horses he needs to succeed. Changes will be happening soon, I heard that Lats is on the block and there are teams interested. I’m also not convinced about Pleks. Fans screamed for Bob to sign AK46 when he had a good season and now look at him. If Pleks had been decent last year I wouldn’t hesistate, but he’s inconsistant too and he’s never shown up for playoffs.

  13. If you experience the following symptoms, see your doctor immediately.

    * Fatigue – because you keep hoping – even when all hope is lost
    * Muscle aches – from clenching teeth/fists watching Gui!/AK46/Yappiere
    * Sore throat – brought on by loudly swearing at the TV
    * Headache – caused by calculating the cost of each Gomez goal
    * Decreased appetite – for everything RDS, (except Chantal Machabee)
    * Runny nose – because it’s not manly to cry…
    * Nausea – knowing the Leafs are not that far behind
    * Vomiting – when you catch yourself thinking about tanking games
    * Diarrhea – the explosive kind – whenever MAB has the puck in our end

    You may be suffering from Habitis, a disease afflicting millions of Montreal Canadiens fans as they watch their team stinks up the ice.

  14. Hey guys…

    From what I’m hearing O’Byrne is close to coming back.. maybe even on Tuesday.

    Gionta’s injury came as a total (BAD) surprise…..

    I feel for Price, he pretty much dominates the game as much as he can and his team can’t score.

    Goaltending has gotten too much attention early in the year… but it’s been a secondary issue altogether.

    Offense and defense are the team’s problems.

    One night they play decent D… another night decent O… some nights neither.

    Steve Sullivan has 11 shots on goal last night!!

    We’ve got alot of problems this year with injuries and lack luster play from several players. But there’s one thing that has bothered me since it happened.

    The signing of Marc-Andre Bergeron.

    Yes. He has a great shot. And at times he can move the puck on the PP.

    But I dare say, his negatives have outweighed his positives… he can’t pass out of our zone, he doesn’t win battles for the puck in our zone, he can’t defend around the net and he’s made several bad pinches that I’ve noticed that result in an odd man break. I’m literally nervous every time he has the puck in our zone.

    I would much rather play either Shawn Belle or Mathieu Carle. If we’re gonna struggle on D… I’d rather give the young guys a shot and let them get the experience.

    Last night, Carey Price came out of his net and got the puck… he’s got a Predator player coming at him… he has 2 options.
    1. MA Bergeron is behind his net, pass it to him and MAB starts moving the puck out of the D zone…
    2. Try and chip the puck off the glass and out of our zone….

    He chooses number 2.

    Conspiracy theorists may now begin to debate…

    Those are my $0.02 worth… for now….

  15. Hi Guys, I’m an ardent fan and have backed Gainey up but that has come to an end. It was exciting to see him come back to montreal but unfortunately he has overstayed. We havve lost too many good UFA’s (Souray, Streit, Komi – not so good, Kovy, Koivu, Lang, Tangeauy, the list seems endless. And we didn’t get one measly pick back. = bad bad management. Gainey has had enough time, he has to be fired before he makes another bad trade. We definitely need a trade (on D and offense). Fortunately we have somewhat stable goaltending now (both Halak and Price). Awesome to see price of old. I agree with comment that Laraque is a huge disappointment. Cant trade him with his huge contract. No one will touch him so he will need to be bought out. Huge disappoiintment with Lapierre. What gives. He was mzing last year. This year he sucks the big one, La Talentless is awful. Slow, and big for nothing. Probably cant fight either. Bring Bouillion back as he is much better that Bergeron – but he is playing a little better but he looks embarrassing at times. Too sall. Hope management doesn’t panic and make a big trade. Get rid of Gainey. When will they start picketing outside the Belle Centre for this? Wake up Hab fans. enough is enough.

  16. Patches, like a few others, is playing with a separated shoulder courtesy of one Brooks Orpik from pre-season. However, Guy Boucher will do him a great world of good if he goes to Hamilton. And Sergei is doing great with him too.

    Laraque is very hurt. Leave the man alone. He wants to be a factor but hasn’t realized he really just can’t be much of one… It’s unfortunate but you can’t see into the future how injured guys can be. And if the medical staff missed it, well, maybe there’s a reason why they weren’t resigned this year?

    I don’t see why Gainey needs to be fired. Please, if Garth Snow still has his job…and he’s got a team full of high draft picks now. Our last top 5 draft pick was Carey Price, and it shows (and thank fucking god the Wild picked the useless Benoit Pouliot just before our choice because they wanted him over Price… that, my friends, is called blessed fate).

    Carey Price doesn’t want to give his defence the puck because he knows they can’t do anything with it. It’s why he prefers to shoot it off the glass and out to center to launch that attack if there is even one to launch. Cammy said it best, it was disappointing they couldn’t even must anything to compliment Price’s work last night. But hey if Price can play goal and defence, with his 85mph slapshot in goalie gear, he could also wander closer to the blue line and fire shots at the goalie. Bet he’d score just by confusing the other team!

    One thing would help though: Bell Center peanut gallery needs to stop booing. The Habs already know they’re not doing to well. Booing isn’t helping. And the idiots who boo Price in warmup need to do us a favour and jump off a bridge.

  17. I’m not convinced. Gainey has to go imo. I would prefer to conpare him to a winner GM than anything. Money talks and he’s getting top dollar paid to manage this team to a cup, anything less is failure. He needs to be evaluated and a decision made by the owners. Just like the players. If they aren’t performing, evaluate and send to minors or get highest and best use of their value (trade or otherwise). I understand about injuries and hope laraque gets another chance to prove himself. He is a mountain of a man and his best value was when he fought the giant from Boston. He is at his best at these times. But he needs to get back.

  18. Mayo:
    If anything less then a cup is the standard then we may not get a winner and may well face the same fate in a few years. How long do we wait with that standard and how do the inevitable factors weigh in… such as major injuries, slumps, player development failures…etc.

    They’ll all happen again, to any GM.

    There are many GMs and coachs who have been in their positions for multiple years without winning a cup. Some of these guys have also seen the team go through the ups and downs during their tenure.

    Think of Lindy Ruff… he’s been through it all in Buffalo. But he’s there because he’s managed his players well and is a good coach.

    Gainey quickly changed the face of this team. Good or bad, we’ll see as it plays out but so far we’re only a few months into this new team. But we knew a few things about the team prior to the moves… the team needed new character, the core was getting old fast… they didn’t stand up for themselves…

    They’re younger and don’t back down. They have of course played a few bad games… like the terrible performance last night.

    I think it’s important to have the mark with which we use to judge success at a sober mark and not influenced by the ups and downs of a teams performance a few months in.

    Gainey has been here for a while. Yes. And he’s had time to build something. When the stars aligned a couple of years back he had us thinking it just might happen. In the last couple of years, he’s gone from being regarded as great to “fire the bum”….

    There’s been successes and failures. My opinion is that we don’t need to fire him now as this is his team more so than the previous team was and we’re only a few months in with some positive and some negative results. I think that it’s fairly normal given all the changes and injuries.

    I think the owners will evaluate him. That’s a given.

    Everyone should be under evaluation every year.

    My point in this rant….

    How do you evaluate his performance? Wins and Losses?
    If mesured by Wins and losses as GM….

    MTL 2003–04 41W 30L 7T 4OTL
    MTL 2004–05 Season cancelled due to 2004–05 NHL lockout
    MTL 2005–06 42W 31L — 9OTL
    MTL 2006–07 42W 34L — 6OTL
    MTL 2007–08 47W 25L — 10OTL
    MTL 2008–09 41W 30L — 11OTL

    Wins: 213
    Losses: 150
    Ties: 7
    Overtime Losses: 40

    Adding up overtime losses and losses = 190
    213 wins / 190 total losses

    That’s the team with the old core of players we no longer have.

    So far we’re just under .500 with a new team, new coaching with significant injuries.

    I don’t think he’s done to bad. 2 things however I believe need some major addressing.. pro scouting (looking at some of our trades over those years) and also developping young players… which I think they’ve moved on hiring Guy Boucher and co.

    Anyways…. sorry for the length of this…

  19. To me it all boils down to players development. Alot of people are screaming blue murder at Timmins from the choices that he has made (or suggested, take your pick). Can anyone be foolish enough to believe that if Anze Kopitar would have been the habs pick instead of Carey Price, that he would have been the player that he has become in LA. I am pretty sure that the same thing could be said about Carter and or Richards instead of Kostitsyn. Until this year, the habs had a terrible time in players development and I sincerely hope that Boucher in Hamilton and Martin will eventually turn things around. Both of them are bona fide professional coaches with lots of experience who excelled in players development. Unfortunately, what is going on this year should have happened on the first year of Gainey’s 5 years plan.

    As have been noticed this year compared to the last few is that if the players do not want to work during a game, they are called in for a nice/hard practice the next day as it was the case this morning. No bowling with JM.

  20. Oh yeah and one last thing, I wish that they would bring Neilson up. We all know that we are somewhat lacking in the physical department so to speak. I would love to see the fourth line with Metropolit, Moen and Neilson. Of course, playing for the Habs they could all easily graduate to the second line within a couple of games (ouch !!!)

  21. I agree with 31 too, but one thing has me confused about what she said. If Pacioretty has a nagging should injury, why is he playing with the big club? Shouldn’t he be in Hamilton letting it heal better? It’s not as if he’s absolutely crucial to have in the big club’s lineup right now.

  22. Andre, good points. I’ll give you that. As a fan I get too emotional and carried away. The part that pisses me off was 3-4 years ago when all the ananlysts were saying mtl had a very bright future because gainey and timmins did such a great job. And I agreed when you looked at all the young talent that was supposed to develop. lapierre, latendresse, pacioretty, price, etc. What happened? Are we pushing these guys too fast? We’re doing something wrong. Has to be a lack of leadership, leadership koivu and kovy were supposed to provide. I think we needed/need someone like a shanahan (too old right now) but someoen who gains instant respect the moment he steps into the dressing room. we’re lacking this. I know it is still early for playoff talk. Hopefuly 10 more games will help martin get the game he wants. No matter what will stick with the habs.

  23. My comment in regards to the coach may actually have had to do with a lack of leadership as Mayo pointed out as of now I guess Martin is the leader but the players need a rep to step up, I hope Gainey and Martin will come to that conclusion before trades are made.

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