Rick The Trucker Puts It In Perspective

Email from my old friend Rick the Trucker in Ottawa
“Just got caught up on your blogs – good stuff. Both your Habs and my Sens are underachieving this year, as I get to listen to endless hours of sports talk radio in both cities and the calls definitely mirror each other – fire the coach, fire the manager, trade players, blah blah blah. It just seems to be the way of society these days. CEO’s of large companies fuck up and then collect huge bonuses, something goes wrong in someone’s life and they expect some level of government to help them, if a kid gets in trouble it’s not his fault, it’s the parents or teachers. The point is, we see the same lack of accountability in our hockey teams and get totally bent about it. I’m sure if we lived in any except a chosen few cities in the NHL we would have the same opinion of that team. Sad to say, Dennis, and maybe I’m just getting to be a crusty old cocknocker but why should we be surprised that out beloved players seem to not care? Is it not all around us in today’s society or is that just my lowly opinion???  Rick”


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