Rick In Retirement

Terrific piece in the Orillia Packet and Times about Rick Ley, a kid from my old neighbourhood, a guy who once borrowed my hockey gloves to go to junior camp, and who also accidentally knocked out my front tooth with a baseball. Of course he also enjoyed a stellar career in the NHL and WHA, which isn’t as important as the hockey glove and tooth knocked out, but should be mentioned anyway.

This link, sent to me from my buddy Ron Green in Orillia, is an interview in the Wednesday edition of the Packet, and it seems retirement is agreeing with Rick, which is great. It also mentions another guy I’ve talked about often, John French, along with Wayne Piper, who was my coach for a couple of years when I was a smallish-yet-shifty right winger for Byers Bulldozers.

Have a look. It’s a good read about a good Orillian. Ley’s Credentials Second to None


5 thoughts on “Rick In Retirement”

  1. Hey Dennis,I read the interview about Rick.I enjoyed watching him play with the leafs and coaching with Pat Quinn as well,good defensman,liked to rush the puck if I remember correctly.You know,although he didnt win a Stanley Cup,he had a pretty succesful career.

  2. Derry, he was successful for sure, but what really stands out for me was that he was tough as nails.

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