8 thoughts on “Rex Slices Loafs”

  1. Dennis, looking at my sophisticated high-tech chart, I predict Peter Budaj will start in nets tonight. Price has played in the last six games and has never played seven games in a row all season.

    It’s likely that other players, like Markov and Prust, will get the night off to rest before the playoffs. But who knows? Maybe Michel Therrien will surprise me. Stay tuned…

  2. Dennis, it just occured to me…

    Tonight’s game is turning out to be the perhaps the most meaningful meaningless game ever.

  3. Joe, I didn’t even know that he cared about hockey at all. He really gives it to the Leafs.

  4. I dont think he really does care, he seems to do these humorous overviews on different topics on the CBC news like Andy Rooney used to do on 60 minutes in the states. Anyhow he always makes me laugh….

  5. Wonder who wrote the script for Rex? Ever hear Rex off script it’s embarrassing.Plus he does his “Bit” from Ottawa(what does that tell you?) A few weeks ago traveling in the northern part of the province on a Sunday all I could get on the radio was CBC therefore forced to listen this buffoon the topic was junior hockey, this fool DID NOT KNOW A THING ABOUT HOCKEY, neither do his writers or they would have known that after last season the owner of the Montreal Canadians young Mr. Molson himself apologized for their team finishing below the Toronto Maple Leafs in the final standings(Toronto 31 wins to Montreals 31and third from the bottom in the etire leaque) And oh by the way Mrs.Murphy the players all use composite sticks not wooden sticks and have for years. Geez

  6. Holy cow hockey fan first take it easy he is lampooning on all kinds of topics…take a pill if you think he ‘s an expert, the man even laughs at himself and this spot he does is for kicks in the end, geez !

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