Revealing Secret Workout Secrets

Now that my back is on the mend (I think), I’m about to begin serious workouts in preparation for hockey season and a possible spot on the 2012 Olympic gymnastic team.

I think you’ll be very proud of me.

I’m now ordering the much heavier pint glass instead of the smaller variety to give my arms and shoulders a bigger workout. The constant lifting is crucial for when I’m carrying sticks, or working on those rings in gymnastics. I think exercising the shoulders is probably good for a gymnast but it might not really matter for a stick boy, unless I have to pick up someone who may had fallen over the boards and crashed into my sticks.

I switch hands with every pint, thus giving equal time to both arms. I don’t know if other gymnasts and stick boys utilize this method, and in fact, maybe I shouldn’t even be saying anything.

I’ve also made a point of grabbing a broom when I pass by one, pretending it’s a stick that I must quickly hand over the boards. This is giving me the edge, I believe, because I think no other stick boy has ever done the broom practicing. And anyway, what else is a broom good for?

But again, I’m giving away trade secrets.

I just feel it’s time to get serious.

4 thoughts on “Revealing Secret Workout Secrets”

  1. It must be working, you look ripped. Keep up the good work. I find alternating hands when drinking involves too much thinking. I prefer ordering 2 pints at a time.

  2. Beatnik, with you and Christopher giving me valuable tips like this, I’ll be a shoo-in for the Olympics!

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