Reusch Checks Out The Lineup


A big and hearty thanks to Bill for sending Ron Reusch’s look at how the Canadiens stack up this year by position.

It was something I had kinda thought about doing, but you know how lazy I am. And Mr. Reusch does a way better job anyway.

Here’s Ron’s excellent look at the 2016-17 Montreal Canadiens so far – The Reusch Blog

You be the judge on whether or not you feel this is a team that can make a serious dent.

And by the way, the much-respected Reusch, who’s been covering Montreal sports since the 1960s, somehow manages to put out smart and sharp posts on a regular basis and his blog is for sure worth a hard look.

Borrowed from his website is a little bit about this fine fellow.

“Ron Reusch covered sports both nationally and internationally over five decades. (1960s through 2010). Based in Montreal, Ron worked on the English language play-by-play broadcasts of the NHL’s Montreal Canadiens and NL’s Montreal Expos.

As a member of the CTV Television Network, Ron covered a variety of including the 1980, 1984, 1988 and 1994 Winter Olympic Games and the 1976, 1984 and 1992 Summer Olympic Games. He also did play-by-play for CTV’s coverage of the first three Canada Cup hockey tournaments (1976, 1981 and 1984) and served as color commentator to Dan Kelly’s play-by-play for the NHL’s 1984–85 and 1985–86 seasons on CTV plus the 1987 Canada Cup. Other CTV assignments included live broadcasts of the Indianapolis 500 (6 times), and the Canadian Grand Prix.

Reusch’s broadcast career started in the B.C. Interior as a broadcaster for the Kamloops Chiefs of the Okanagan Senior Hockey League and then with the Kitchener-Waterloo Beavers of the Eastern Professional Hockey League. Reusch moved to Europe in 1962, where, among other things, he covered the 1964 and 1968 Winter Olympics for American Broadcaster CBS Radio. Reusch returned to Canada and Montreal in 1969 where he began a 39 year association with the Montreal CTV affiliate CFCF. For twenty years he was CFCF Sports Director.”


2 thoughts on “Reusch Checks Out The Lineup”

  1. Dennis! thanks ! and I’m glad you found it useful. I think he’s a great writer and his comments provide a different and way more positive slant on the recent changes to the Habs line-up esp.about the Subban /Weber trade. He discussed that in two articles previous to the one you’re discussing above , and what a relief to read someone say it’s not the worst trade nor a disaster. Of course you also stated the same thing that it wasn’t a disaster and I agree. I think his discussion of the line-up shows a smart hockey mind at work and that it also leaves room for changes between now and the start of the season.
    As for you being lazy I don’t think anyone would agree with you In fact, to the contrary you’re a generous writer and more often than not you reply to all the comments whether you agree with them or not. I guess that’s why a lot of folks come here. It’s sort of loosely knit online community__ It’d be a hoot one of these years to try and pull off a meet up of the different people that comprise it.
    Have a great week.

  2. P.S. and the line up picture you put up there’s terrific. Great choice adds some pizz-azz to the posting! Boom-Boom !

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