Resorting To My Immature Picture

Below is a photo that pissed off a lot of Bruins fans last playoff. I had spent a lot of time cutting out heads and attaching when I should’ve been cutting the lawn or fixing the fence, and in the end, these fans were not amused. Of, course, they got the last laugh on the ice but I don’t want to get into that just now. I just ate.

I don’t know why we’re having such trouble with this team. After all, they’re just a bunch of girls. (no offense, ladies.)

29 thoughts on “Resorting To My Immature Picture”

  1. Wait until we have all of our ducks in a row, as you said Dennis, then we’ll take them. Actually the B’s aren’t bothering me as much as the leafs are these days. I respectfully hate the B’s but I loathe the leafs. We just have to consistantly beat these two teams to restore the natural order of things. Last year was an aberration.

  2. Leafs – blecch. I hate them too. Burke, the coach, the players, Komisarek, the trainers, the skate sharpener, and the stick boy. Hate ’em all.

  3. Ron Wilson and Brian Burke: Douche and Douchier
    Don’t forget the the Leafs’ Medics, they bug the hell out of me, trying to keep those players alive and all.

  4. I was going to add “leafs fans” to the list, but then I realized that I should really feel sorry for them, becoming leafs fans without realizing who they are actually cheering for. The saddest thing is seeing a baby with a leafs hat. Why would somebody be that cruel. But then there are leaf fans that thing the leafs are actually going to make the playoffs, those ones i hate. I like the ones that when you tell them that the leafs suck, their comeback is “I know”

  5. Haha, Gillis, I can’t believe at how optimistic the Leafs fans are.

    The only thing they can say every season with consistency is “Better luck next year.”

  6. Dennis I have a great idea for a shirt like that

    It’ll have a Leafs logo with the Leafs colors

    And in the front it says Got Stanley?

    Keep Dreaming

  7. sorry for the spacing, i was trying to do something with it but it didn’t work
    so basically it would just say ” Got Stanley?” then a little lower it would say ” Keep dreaming”

  8. Definitely for every Leafs fan, it’s time for them to wake up and smell the coffee, time for them to face the reality, it ain’t coming any time soon, perhaps it’ll never come.

  9. Dennis, it would be an honour. And I must admit, i have had a few weird confrontations with leafs fans. My tip to you: Don’t get slightly intoxicated in Spain then find a 6’3″, 230 lbs, canadian soldier who happens to be a leafs fan and was also slightly intoxicated, and yell “Leafs suck!” in his face at the top of your lungs. He threatened to fold me into a pretzel (and he probably could have). Thankfully, he didn’t hurt me. If i were him, i would have hurt me

  10. Fearless prediction:

    If the leafs win the cup before us, we’ll all be fighting each other for a one way ticket to Jonestown. Not pretty at all. Perish the thought.

  11. As long as the Leafs are the Leafs, which is the most annoying team in the league, they won’t win anything. I don’t want to go to Jonestown.

  12. Calling the Booins girls is insulting to girls everywhere! I would rather go out with a girl than a Booin, I’d rather spend the night and wake up next to a girl than a Booin, I’d rather do anything with a girl than a Booin except for one thing. I’d like to tie a Booin player or fan to a chair and make them watch all the Habs vs Booins playoffs of the seventies. That would be funny and then we could see if spontaneous human combustion is really possible. And I’d be willing to provide the match.

  13. Right on. Good one. I’d also like to show them the standings for all of the 50’s and 60’s when they were in last or second-last place every year. They were the worst team in the league, along with the Rangers, for decades.

  14. The Booins in the photo aren’t just any girls, they’re some of the most annoying as stupid girls anywhere. The captain is the ultimate in stupidity. They are an insult to girls everywhere. I almost feel sorry for the Bruins, almost, but not quite.

  15. Gustavvssssooonn (spelling?), had a good half game for the leafs and now leaf fans around the world think they have a decent starting goalie. Fools. Just wait until he lets in a 197 foot shot.

    For more information on how much the leafs suck, please visit

    Also the CBC guys are all admiring Phil Kessels highlight reel right now. And I just puked in my mouth a little. I don’t think that there is anything worse than the Bruins bragging about a young talented player, then he gets traded to the LEAFS!! And now they think they can brag about having him. I just puked and this time it didnt stay in my mouth. Leafs suck, broons suck, habs rule, point finale ‘sti!

  16. Sad I missed this beautiful thread of leaf hate. All credit to gillis but I doubt there is a bigger all-things-leaf hater than I. To some hate is a strong word but when it comes to hating the leaf I find it invigorating.

    I’ll simply mention my standard catcH phrase that riles up the majority of elf (ever-loving-leaffan), “leaf fans aren’t hockey fans, just leaf fans’.

    Also, SDK its 42 years and counting. The Bs aren’t far behind in that record of futility.

  17. I think I hate them more now than I did years ago. And I hated them then. I think it’s something to do with the Burke, the coach, and all the players.

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