Rene Bourque Needs To Understand

The question now is, what kind of guy is Rene Bourque? Is he the kind who can stand the pressure of playing in Montreal, or is he the type who will lose sleep, find himself with an ulcer, and wish he was in Phoenix..

The kind of guy he is will dictate how successful this trade becomes.

We sincerely hope Rene Bourque understands what it means to wear the sweater of the Montreal Canadiens, that he gets it and feels the honour of wearing the CH. This isn’t just another team. It’s so much more.

The pride from fans and players can never die. People must continue to know about Howie Morenz and the Rocket and Jacques Plante and Danny Gallivan and Rene Lecavalier. They should learn about Beliveau and what he meant and did for the organization. They should know about Guy Lafleur. All that good stuff. Read a few Habs books.

Mike Cammalleri said he got it, but we needed more than that. We needed production.

So now we move on. A big trade. A big change in the look of the team.

And changes are good, because when they’re made, we have so much new hope.








11 thoughts on “Rene Bourque Needs To Understand”

  1. Looking at Bourque’s stats I see he has as many penalty’s up to now in this season as he had all together last season. Hope he slows down his visits to the box.

  2. Too bad we won’t see him play until tomorrow night.

    Rene will go into the dirty areas to score so right away that’s a good sign. We need guys to go to the net and park themselves there. Right now Cole is the only one doing it so having another player doing it should be a great delight.

    If I played for this team I would make sure to bring my A game every night. How could you not? With that crowd there? Can you imagine scoring a goal and hearing that crowd cheer over what you did? It must be one of the most amazing feelings ever. It would get very addictive.

    Guy Lafleur had lunch with Gallagher and Gallagher went on to have a 7 point game. Maybe Guy should coach the Habs? 🙂

  3. These are just some thoughts I have had running around my little grey cells lately. There was a time when les Canadiens were looked upon as how an organization should be run, everything done with class. The high water mark for the rest to attempt to achieve. For awhile now and in particular this season we have become a mere shadow of our former selves, we fire coahes 90 minutes before a game, minutes before a morning skate and now pull a player out of an ongoing game and inform him he no longer is a member of the team! I’m not saying these moves were not required because they were, it’s how they were done with, no class whatsoever, something we where always noted for and which put us head and shoulders above the rest!
    I’m sorry this year’s actions remind me of the Harold Ballard days of the Leafs, something we always laughed about, and thought, what will he do next, and knew this would not be the path our team would travel. But this year we are just jogging along that very same path! It’s so sad to watch and read and wonder what’s next. Will PG have RC wear a paper bag over his head and in felt pen have the words Mystery Coach written on it? Many well respected sports writers and bloggers are now referring to us as the Montreal Gong Show Canadiens, how could we have fallen this low after being held high as the shining star of how an organization should be run. I’ve followed this team, our bleu blanc et rouge, for over 55 years and I have never felt ashamed of our team but this year I’m sad to say I am!
    I wonder what are former greats are thinking and feeling, Big Jean, Henri, Guy and up above The Rocket. It’s just so sad. Well I’ve said what’s been on my mind. I just hope we return to our former greatness and sooner rather than later!

  4. Nice comments, Mike. I believe the team will get its shit together in much less time than the Leafs. Execept for this year, the Leafs were always in the same sad boat, but they seem to something going now. But I think we’re way ahead of them because I think Habs fans are more passionate and owners and management know they’d better shape up or they’ll hear it loud and clear. We\ve been screwed because of lousy draft picks over the years, players who don’t want to come to Montreal because of taxes or having to put their kid in French school, which, in my mind, would be a terrific opportunity to learn the language at a young age and would help the kids as they grow. But some players hate the idea. Making the team small was another big blunder. We scare no one, other teams have their way with us in front of the net, and it’s been an embarrassment. A big, tough, team with several sharpshooters is what is needed, not a bunch of Cammys and Gomez’s. I’m in the same boat as you, we’ve seen a lot of Habs Cups, and now we haven’t seen any in 19 years or so. Changes need to be made, but right now, they need to put together even a modest winning streak to get things going.

  5. Right Marjo. It’s a fine line between playing mean and tough, and taking too mnay penalties that hurt the team.

  6. Darth, I think Guy should be behind the bench even if he’s not coaching. Add some aura to the proceedings. And I just hope Bourque has thick skin. He’s going to be watched closer than he’s ever been watched before.

  7. You folks should listen to the little snippet from Georges Laraque on Mike C. Not a huge fan of GL but i tend to believe he says the truth and tells it like he see’s it. Well i was dreading the talk from many fans and the like about granting Mike the “C” on his jersey back when they were looking to appoint the captain. I always felt he was a little too much of a media guy…too calculated too full of himself.

    Well listen to this….

    tells you all you need to know about his character. Glad he’s gone, good player when he wants to be, but glad he’s gone. We aren’t puppets in the Mike Cammalleri show, good riddance.

  8. For those that don’t speak french here’s the gist of it in point form.

    – Mike C went in to JM’s office and asked for a letter on his jersey
    – One game when the Habs were playing poorly JM came in the room and started to yell at guys and said hey Mike, instead of coming into my office and asking for a letter on your sweater start playing like you deserve one.
    – All the guys in the room start shooting incredulous glances at each other that he went in and asked for a letter.
    – at Christmas they had a gift exchange at a steakhouse and Lapierre had picked Mike C’s name as his gift recipient and put a “C” as the gift for Mike C.
    -Mike was offended by the joke and decided to leave
    -All the guys were a little uncomfortable with it but thought it was funny.

    -Also when they were picking the captains nobody picked Mike C and he didn’t like that. Apparently a lot of the guys thought he was a little too conceited and since then it appears was when Mike C’s performance dipped.

    -Also many feel that he was like a politician the way he went shaking hands with all the legends at the centenniel. Everyone felt it was like Mike C. throwing in his candidacy for the “C”.

  9. Very interesting, Geoff. I was able to glean bits and pieces from Georges said, but you mention the nitty gritty. Lots of readers who speak French better than me will also find this extremely interesting. I think he was full of himself too, too concerned with his outside businesses, and like you, I’m glad he’s gone. And I’m really glad he wasn’t made captain. His ego might have exploded. Just not my kind of player. And in fact, if I was in charge of naming the captain, I might have gone with Josh Gorges or Hal Gill.

  10. Gorges definitely is “C” material… doubt about that.

    Mike is/was too slick and he was so easy to see through that i couldn’t like him more than that. Knowing when the camera is focused on you…saying what you know people want to hear or saying what you pretend you had no idea would cause a commotion. Right Mike!!!

    ….we’re all on to you, you’re not that smart. Just smart enough to get yourself traded away….I wish you luck but i won’t be watching you.

  11. Ditto on DK’s choice of Hal Gill, many years in the show and not full of himself a true team player.

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