Remind Me Never To Have Any More Specific Expectations

It seemed at the time like some reasonable requests to make.

About 15 hours before the Habs stepped on the ice in New Jersey, I suggested they do this: Other guys chip in a little more with some points; take less penalties; Carey Price to quit letting in easy goals; no one gets hurt; shoot more; and win.

How did these requests pan out?

Montreal scored just once, although it was Travis Moen who got it. It was also unassisted so just one player managed a point tonight. One lousy, stinking, feeble point.

Less penalties? Hah. The team managed to make their way to the penalty box five straight times before the Devils got even one. Although if Jaroslav Spacek deserved his, we might as well just close shop. The most bewildered soul in the house was Spacek, who had no idea why he was sent off. How much do these referees get paid? Whatever it is, it’s too much.

Carey Price softies? It was just a high shot from far out, but Price fumbled it, it hit the post, bounced off him, and into the net it went. Price is obviously a lousy baseball player.

No one gets hurt? It wasn’t my imagination that saw Roman Hamrlik be helped off the ice by the trainers, looking in considerable pain. As of now, I’ve no idea what’s wrong with him but I’m expecting the worst.

Shoot lots? I’m thinking 18 shots on Martin Brodeur isn’t a lot. Double that would’ve been good.

Win. Nope. 2-1 Devils.

Every one of my expectations went down the toilet with a big giant flush.

Random Notes:

How do Devils fans do it. They buy tickets to see that on a regular basis? Jacques Lemaire and Mario Tremblay should be taken to court and forced to reimburse every single ticket holder with promise to make the team more exciting in the future.

Minnesota comes to Montreal Thursday. That means Guillaume Latendresse gets to come back and make fools of us all.

Four straight losses now.

8 thoughts on “Remind Me Never To Have Any More Specific Expectations”

  1. Dennis;Well it is what it is,have you watched a game this year when the refs have not made a questionable call ?It’s ike every game or two to three times a game,terrible officiating,but there isnt alot when can do.I lisrened to the game via the web radio,still in port alice till tommorow when i will go to vancouver,hop on a plane and spend chistmas in ,cold ,dery Regina.If i dont get back here have a great holiday season,hopefully the Habs can too.

  2. Dennis,

    I don’t think Jacques Martin and company heard your requests….

    I think we should turn up the heat on them.

    I’m concerned about Hamrlik… I think pretty much all the D-men we started the year with… except Gorges has been hurt.

    Imagine… a knee injury… could be another 4-6 week injury to a defenseman….

    I wasn’t expecting much this year… and I’m still not expecting the world… I think it’s the perfect year to look at making another move or 2.

    And we still might even be in the playoff race too.

  3. What’s really weird, Yves, is that I didn’t get home until midnight and I watched the game then. Afterwards, I checked everywhere and saw absolutely no mention of Hamrlik that he was even injured. Inside/Out didn’t mention him, Canadians website didn’t either, or the CBC. I started to wonder if he really wasn’t hurt. I still haven’t checked this morning so I’ll probably find out in a few minutes.

  4. Derry, you have a great holiday season too. Seems like you kind of just miss Powell River, being north of it, south, and east. Someday you’ll get here and when you do, please call.

  5. Next summer when we go to Savory I will pass through,hopefully i’ll meet you on the ferry again,take care

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