Remind Me Again How Hockey Is Suppose To Be Fun

Carey Price was smooth, steady, confident, and solid as a rock. He handled the puck with poise, even sending it tape-to-tape a hundred feet up the ice a few times.

And he did all this while the rest of his team slept against a young and speedy Chicago Blackhawks squad.

At least, they slept through most of two periods, falling behind 2-0, with the first Hawks goal a deflection off Marc-Andre Bergeron’s skate, and the second, a screen shot while Hal Gill sat in the sin bin for hooking.

Which brings me to Hal Gill. He took a couple of silly penalties and most times is a liability with the puck. He’s out of position often (two of Sidney Crosby’s goals on Wednesday were because Gill was where he shouldn’t be), and if he doesn’t pick it up a notch or two, he going to play himself right up to the press box. It’s bad enough when he touches the puck. And it’s just as bad when he doesn’t.

But this is Hallowe’en, a time for joy, forgiveness, and harmony. Oh wait, that’s Christmas.

Canadiens surprisingly enough tied it at two late in the second with goals by Mike Cammalleri and Travis Moen. This must have been because the team’s two-hour flight jetlag must have worn off a bit. Montreal gets jetlag often. Every time they go on the road they play like they’re dehydrated and exhausted as if they’ve just arrived from the Philippines after enjoying some of Manila’s finest brothels.

And in the end, they lost 3-2. It wasn’t a great outing by most, to say the least. There were bursts here and there, and again, guys like Latendresse and Lapierre did the opposite of setting the world on fire. You’d think some players would get tired of just going through the motions on most nights. It doesn’t look like it, though.

But Carey Price was just fine and that’s what we need. It was just his bad luck that his team in front of him sucked. 

Random Notes:

Matt D’Agostini got crunched in the head by an Andrew Ladd elbow and was never to be seen again. Ladd got the boot.

Sergei Kostitysn has two goals and three assists in seven games with the Hamilton Bulldogs. Will he be back up at any time soon? Maybe to replace a concussed D’Agostini.

I’m not overly surprised at seeing Latendresse go backwards in his development. I remember when he was on Team Canada in the World Juniors and he was either benched or saw limited duty because of lacklustre and uninspired play. It was an early sign that this guy is going to be a project. But how long do we have to wait before the project gets cancelled?

Lapierre seems to be trying. But instead of chipping in on the points board, he’s been just a plumber. We’d hoped for more than that.

Habs greet Toronto Saturday night. Can they win this? Can they lose this? Will it be embarrassing? Stay tuned.

23 thoughts on “Remind Me Again How Hockey Is Suppose To Be Fun”

  1. Now, now Gillis. This is Hallowe’en – a time for joy and forgiveness. Oh wait, that’s Christmas.

  2. I think Gill needs a ankle bracelet to make sure he doesn’t leave the area directly in front of the net. That’s where he needs to be to block shots and knock down anyone without a CH on their chest. When he wanders off by just a few metres he ends up way out of place, unable to get back and just watches the puck go in the net.

    Tomorrow will be better, home against the Laffs.

  3. It’s true, Chris. Gill should be as stay-at-home as stay-at-home-can-be. He’s got a good long reach. He just needs to do as little fancy stuff as possible. Price played well, I thought.

  4. Carey played well. I really feel for him right now, he just can’t catch a break. And what i just realized is that he’s played more teams in the West than in the East. So we shouldn’t be on his case yet, the teams he’s lost to are the tougher ones, apart from Edmonton. He deserves another chance against Toronto tomorrow.

    Happy Halloween, from China!

  5. He played really well. In fact, he was the best Hab. It was nice to see him this way. The team was flat for the most part. Very disappointing.

  6. Play Price.

    Reunite the Little Big Three.

    Play a system, meaning fewer shots on goal.

    Boo Dou¢harek.


    Eat candy.

  7. Well tonight might be an entertaining Leaf-Habs match … Leafs have a little bit going with 1 win & 2 OT loss’s in last 3 games … My god Miller on the Sabres maybe the best goalie in the league .. Leafs outshot Sabres 16-5 last night and got only one with 37 sec left ..Then again it was the Leafs offence (popcorn shooters) ..Maybe Kessel will help

    On Gill … He is like a slow moving sloth will long arms –He was like that with the Leafs and Pens … 100 % stay at home …

    Boy the Leafs should have signed Cammellari … Last year was all about him to Leafs ….

    Latendresse is a good solid 15 goal forward …. thats it I would think

    fried Leaf Fan in Ottawa over and out …..

  8. Correction …Leafs outshot Sabres 16-5 in the third period last night against Sabres …

    fried brain in action

  9. Ah yes the glory days … Keon at centre.. Baun on defense .. 1967 Cup Champs … I feel my eye’s tearing up …. Time for another Valium

  10. I think Latendresse is actually having his best season so far. Sure, he’s not getting points, but he’s creating chances, using his body, and is strong in both ends of the ice.

  11. Gainey will be making his boys come out tonight wearing costumes. Remember the barber-poll striped vintage uniforms that brought us all kinds of bad luck last year so much so that Gainey had them locked away? These replicas of the 1912-1913 era have been unearthed from the crypt to face the Leafs on Halloween night no less.
    Will the “Where’s Waldo?” curse be lifted? Will millions of viewers be adjusting their TV sets to no avail? Will Toronto put the Monster in nets? Will Lurch (Gill) still continue to scare the living daylights out of all Habs fans? Will AK46 remain in his zombie-like state?
    Stay tuned…

  12. The MONSTER may not suit up….Rumour has it Toskala will guard the

    pipes of the Blue & White ce soir ………..

  13. For me, Tom, Latendresse is having a very weak October. Sure, he’s not making a lot of mistakes which is great. But he’s not generating much offense at all, Just the odd shot on goal here and there. Boy, do we differ on this.

  14. Also for Tom,
    Lats is there to contribute with points. It’s not just the Little Big Three expected to do this. Others are too. And he’s one of them. So far, so bad. He has one point and is minus 3. And you’re saying he’s playing well?

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