Remember When It Was Just Good, Clean Trouble With The Law?

It’s in all the news, and it may or may not happen, although La Presse says it’s real enough. So we’ll just have to wait and see if George Gillett actually does try to sell the Canadiens. It’s just more craziness in a long line of craziness. And just out of curiosity, couldn’t this announcement have waited until the season was over?

I yearn for the days when it was just nice, easy-to-fix troubles to be concerned about in Habsland. Good, clean fun like a big, young defenceman getting in trouble with the law over a lady and her purse in Tampa, or Flower driving his probation-burdened son to a motel to rendezvous with an underage girl. But it was a simpler time then, an innocent time. It was last year.

Ah, those were the days.


4 thoughts on “Remember When It Was Just Good, Clean Trouble With The Law?”

  1. Well George Gillett coming out 10 games from the end of the season and saying the team might be for sale… that’s pretty damn stupid too. There weren’t enough distractions yet.

  2. Thing is he never said it was for sale, he’s just off having some guys look at his portfolio of stuff because the market is bad for a few things he’s got. Gillette owns a hell of a lot of things around the world. This is ALL LaPresse again. They look and sniff and go “the team is doing bad, how can I screw them more with unnecessary distractions…” and print things before the information has been followed through. This is why the media of this city kills our teams chances of every getting the superstars they all cry for (not that I care, I’d rather raise superstars than buy them… farm kids are cheaper and less arogant). Sensationalist media bullhooey.

    Though I love how all of a sudden every local rich man and his dog is lining up. Where were you when Mr. Gillette was the only one interested and poor Dickie Moore was standing there going “I wanted to buy it but no one wanted to join in with me”?! Praise Gillette, he’s a great owner.

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