Remember That Habs Blog Vote?

Remember that Habs vote blog-off at that went on for several weeks? It began with 17 Habs blogs one could vote for, then it became 9, and then 3.

I won it.

I’ve no idea what it means. But thank you if you voted, and also a big hip, hip hooray to Daily Hab-it and Four Habs Fans who went to the end with me.

In fact, a big hip, hip hooray to all Habs bloggers everywhere. You’re all great, we’re all in this together, and we all may get ulcers right around the same time.

26 thoughts on “Remember That Habs Blog Vote?”

  1. congratulations Dennis. And to the other blogs. I read them too. Can’t get enough commentary. I think you all bring a fresh perspective forward. Keep it up, including Daily Hab-it and Four Habs Fans. All very entertaining.

  2. off-topic: what;s this I hear about markov calling out Price after St. Louis game? This ticked me off especially when Price dropped the gloves. I think that’s heart. He may of let in a soft goal, but I am sure the D has let him down more than Carey letting the D down. And the forwards for that matter. Markov has played average lately and is in same rut as Carey. Markov may be right but he needs to pull up a bit of sock as well. Get on the backs of other underacheivers, and not someone who is intergral to our future. Hopefully Carey learns a lesson and doesn’t hold a grudge.

  3. Congratulations Dennis. And very well deserved by the way.

    I agree with Marc. I have read lots of Canadiens blogs, but nothing compares to yours.

    Now you have the proof your wife was right all the long. You know she’s always right though, don’t you?

  4. Mayo, you’re right that Price may have a lot of heart and Markov needs to pull up his socks too, but I also hear rumblings that Price is still a bit of young guy in many ways. But then again, goalies are a different breed and maybe he’s just being a goalie in the true sense.

  5. Marc, when I’m owner I’m going to need someone to help me drink martinis with the players’ wives. A bunch of other guys are already promised the GM and coach and all those types of jobs, but I need a martini guy. Are you interested?

  6. Congrats dennis.

    As for what this win means, this is what the guy who ran it says:

    “I’m asking for recommendations of Canadien-related blogs over the next week to take part in a new exclusive NHL Arena tournament called the “Blog-Off”. In order to be eligible, we ask that these blogs not be affiliated with professional news sources, are updated at least semi-regularly and are team specific.

    Once the week is up, we will be putting up polls to determine the blog that will represent the Canadiens, which will not only get a fancy banner in your sidebar, but will also be put into a playoff like tournament featuring head to head match ups with blogs from your rival teams within your division, your conference and finally team related blog of the Arena.

    You do not have to be a Canadiens fan to put forth your recommendation or subsequent vote. And you can recommend as many blogs as you can possibly provide links for.

    Best of luck.”

  7. Mayo, they’re all great. So I find myself a little embarrassed about this vote win because other guys do things I can’t do. We’re all different.

  8. Dennis, now that you will be getting a fancy banner, can the t-shirts be all that far away?

  9. Dennis I have the title of your next blog: FEEBLE FLOP IN FLORIDA CONTINUES. I’m embarrassed to be a hab fan right now. Most friends, colleagues etc are canucks and others. Gonna get it big time when canucks come in next week the way we’re playing. I am sure embarrassment will continue. If I were Price (who can’t be faulted on any goals – I rewound to see who caused the usual turnover), I wouldn’t accept acknowledgements from my teammates for their efforts tonight. Markov played badly again (giveaways, etc). When Gomez was getting hammered by Hedman, Markov was at the blueline as usual, staying out of the rough stuff. Who said he plays with and edge. he’s soft and always has been. Maybe it is time they traded price as they don’t support him. Georges was atrocius tonight (caused two goals) and Gill was again as he is almost every game. Sorry guys but say good by to the playoffs. We’re not winning with this group of under-acheivers. No heart and no leadership. Wish I could be more positive ….

  10. Mayo, please re-post your comment under the new post I just put out. It’s too good a comment, too relevant, and it should be put up again.

  11. Your a winner Dennis, congrats man, you deserve to be the winner. I read all the Montreal Canadien blogs and yours is the best no doubt.
    Now the Montreal Canadiens well, they are not winners, it`s looking more and more like no playoffs this year. Once again we are going to pick around 18 in the draft. And the beat goes on, and on and on ………..

  12. Hi Dennis: Say you’ll still remember the little people who cast votes for you. You’re famous!! Hey, I voted you and I’m a Bruins fan. You are the man! I always enjoy your blog.

    Remember, when you visit Beantown to watch the classic rivarly, you are my honored guest!

  13. Diane, I still remember when you started reading and sent a comment along. It went something like, “Hey, Dennis Kane, I’m a Bruins fan but I like hockey in general…..”
    Thanks. Hope all’s well. Don’t forget, your team’s is doing as poorly as mine but at least we have Bobby Orr and Jean Beliveau.

  14. Way to go DK….credit where credit is due. Just don’t cover the “wife” portion with the fancy new banner……

  15. Sorry Dennis I haven’t been on in a while, but Congrats! I registered on that site as DK4GM and I still stand by it!

  16. Ryan, thanks a lot. Hmmm…DK4GM….I like that. Either that or stick boy or owner or enforcer or flag guy or guy who makes the players’ wives comfortable. Thanks again. Hope all’s well in northern Ontario.

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