Regrouping With A Group

I think it’s time to switch gears a little. The playoffs are hell and there’s only so much we can endure. We need an escape and I’ve got a beauty for you. For those older, this might be a journey back. For younger people who don’t know much about the Beatles, I hope you enjoy this. This is the band many of us grew up with. The band many of us feel is the greatest ever. This is 2 minutes and 46 seconds that you don’t have to think about what’s going on in the playoffs.

It’s the Beatles in a nice, intimate setting in the studio doing Get Back in 1969, and it’s a tremendous piece of video. Billy Preston, who played keyboards for them from time to time, shows up, and you get a glimpse of Mick Jagger enjoying the moment.

This goes out to all Habs fans. Let’s hope the boys can “get back.”

So, as Ed Sullivan once announced, “And here they are, the Beatles!”

One thought on “Regrouping With A Group”

  1. Hey Dennis,

    This was great to watch and hear again. Could listen to these guys all day long (even after a hard day’s night) lol

    Keep up the great writing.


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