I need to turn this computer off and regroup. After the typo in my last post (“there” instead of “their”) which I caught hours later, I need to refocus.

I don’t understand it. My drug dealer said my latest combination of opiates, novocaine, and vodka and soda, along with my usual snorting of Vicks Vapor Rub, would help and it hasn’t.

I hate having to juggle medication. But I will, because it’s all about you.

Speaking of typos, my friend Dave Moore from BC Ferries tells me they wished me a nice retirement in the company newsletter, only they spelled my name “Denise”.

3 thoughts on “Refocusing”

  1. DK, when you want to turn the computer off why do you have to click on the start icon, I just want to turn the darn thing off???

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