Red, White, And GOLD

Team Canada was just too much for the Swedish team on a warm winter day in Sochi.

Too strong, too workmanlike, too solid on all fronts in blanking Tre Kronor 3-0 and ending this 2014 Olympics with gold and an astounding three goals allowed in six games.

What a sixty minute job by the Canadians and what a feather in Carey Price’s cap with his second straight shutout and just three total goals behind him in his three other appearances.

Carey was great, but this wasn’t a one-man show like it was with the Latvian goalie in Canada’s fourth game. It was Price and an unreal defence and an amazing group of forwards, all there to win gold, and they came through in spades.

There was no way the Swedes were going to win this game. The Canadians owned the ice at both ends, and goals by Jonathon Toews in the first, Sidney Crosby on a breakaway in the second, and Chris Kunitz with a great shot in the third was more than enough to put smiles on fans from sea to shining sea.

Great to see P.K. get his medal with the group. What a sensational smile he has, and his turn will come in four years when he and Price will lead the charge for another gold.

This Canadian win can only help Price and Subban with the Habs. They’ve seen what it takes, and it’ll translate into bigger and better things for them while wearing the CH.

Yes, I’m choked up now. I’m proud to be a Canadian. Proud of Team Canada. Proud of Carey Price.

Gold for Canada in men and women’s hockey.

It’s a moment for Canadians to cherish.

Thank you, Team Canada.



23 thoughts on “Red, White, And GOLD”

  1. That was utter domination. Canada never trailed in any of its six games, and as unhappy as I am with Mike Babcock for his benching of PK Subban, I am happy with the gold medal and even happier for Carey Price, who in the semifinal and gold medal games, did not allow a single goal. Take THAT, Price-haters!

  2. Well done Boy’s you dominated the whole game! Carey has shut up most of the non believers ( MVP ) in my book, 120 minutes no goals & only 3 through out the tourney—WELL DONE!!

  3. Hey Dennis, Incredibly happy with this outcome, I’ve shed my tears of happiness and of being Canadian, not alot more to say

  4. Price is bringing home the Gold!

    Now, a little silver sure would go nice with that – The Stanley Cup of course!

  5. Now, who among us wouldn’t be happy to see PK deliver a two-goal, two-assist performance against Detroit this week? 😉

  6. I have a feeling MT is going to unleash PK in front of Babcock.

    Anyway, hurray for our Canadian team. What a couple of weeks!!!

  7. Well let me just say –I ate my crow— I had nothing good too say about the team a few games ago. But they came on strong then came on stronger again . What a delight to see a hockey game with no goonery and head shots etc. Must have reminded some folks of the 1970’s.P.K. isn’t the only person who may feel snubbed, but he comes away from here a wiser person/player which benefits him, the Habs team AND you & me the fans. I’m VERY proud of our women’s team—standing tall thru some tough times. A good day too be a hockey fan indeed! Lots of more thoughts , but I’m going to savour this moment.

  8. Thank God it wasn’t you Ian because I was ready to give you a load of crap.

    Wonder who the idiot is posing as you.

  9. The boys did an awesome job , well worth getting up at 4:30 am and relishing every magical moment of Canadian victory . The ladies played a great game the other day as well . Proud to be Canadian and I’ll be getting another pic put up on the wall of fame with Carey and P. K. In it , yippee !

  10. Ian, I think I have it figured out. The same guy from Poughkeepsie who borrows other people’s handles (in this case Spats from HIO and then you) and then proceeds to get his negativity across. A couple of years ago I posted something on HIO and got a message from someone saying he was from Burlington and I shouldn’t put my link to my site on HIO. Lots of people looked into it and it was discovered it wasn’t the fellow from Burlington at all but someone from Poughkeepsie doing it. It looks like the same person is back, and if you read this, Poughkeepsie, you’re an asshole and I have no idea why you would want to play this childish game.

  11. Thanks for figuring it out, Dennis. I saw that post and was mortified and baffled, because I didn’t write it. To the person who did, you are a pathetic asshat (sorry for my harsh language).

  12. Hey Dennis

    I had to miss the Powell River Kings game last night so I could make the 3:30 am wake up.I just watched the game again.It was even better the second time … no tension.A tremendous performance by Team Canada.There did not seem to be a weak link.They played as a team.

    The Closing Ceremonies were fantastic.Hopefully the $50 billion spent on the games were worth it to the Russian people.The demographics in Russia are alarming.The country actually needs immigrants badly!

    I really enjoyed these games.I think the last Olympics I really enjoyed were the Lillehammer games.

    Oh … I think Formula 1 fans will enjoy cars passing through the stadium.

    Now back to the Canucks … nice turnover Daniel.

    And … how about those Seahawks.I split season tickets for years … saw some dreadful football.The Rick Mirer years.



  13. Hi Doug. I’m told the Kings are doing well again this year. Hopefully they can go far. And yes, there was no tension in today’s game. What a solid performance by everyone. It all came together in the end for them. A great team, and Weber’s shot blows me away.
    If tourists would see behind the scenes in Russia, like in St. Petersburg where I was, they see that the country still needs lots of work and 50 billion would’ve gone a long way. There’s lot of poor older folks, and the apartments, including the elevators, leave a lot to be desired. Putin should be feeling pretty darn smug now. The Olympics were well done and he gets to take the credit and the legacy.
    The Seahawks were awesome in the Super Bowl. I don’t know a lot about them or even the NFL in general, but I think the Hawks are a young team and have their sights set on another championship next year. We’ll see. I watched the Super Bowl and they played great.
    Hope all’s well in PR, Doug. Thanks for checking in. Always enjoy it.

  14. Hi Ian. And I apologize for that. It’s hard to fathom why some people do this sort of thing. The troll thing. Must not have much of a life.And because I put his comment and the one you didn’t write in the spam section, I just noticed you here now. So I pulled you out into the good part and it should be fine now. God.

  15. Not at all, Dennis–I’ll just have to keep a close eye on things to make sure that he doesn’t “troll” me again.

  16. Peter, I wasn’t all that happy with them either – they weren’t scoring. But they sure put it all together, and the gold medal game was a one-sided affair. PK might have learned a great deal from being around these new teammates. He’s a superstar in the making, and seeing how Crosby and Weber and those guys handle themselves just may have helped. I’m also grateful no Habs got hurt over there. And the women – wow, what a finish. That was one for the ages. Now it’s Thornbush and company. With Detroit, then Pittsburgh, the Toronto on Saturday night.

  17. Congrats! And again, foul! Milbury and McSplooge this AM. Guess what they were worried about? I can’t wait until CP31 slams the door on the Bruins… Can’t CBC take them next go ’round?

    My take away: I hate chip and chase hockey. It’s killing our guys! I miss Carbo…

    Congratulations to Canada! It was a great team to watch!

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