Ancient Egyptians Were Habs Fans

I was watching a National Geographic special about how they built the pyramids, and we followed an archeologist as he went through some previously unexplored hallways. And on one of the walls were some old writings from one of the workers who had been building this particular pyramid. There, with my own eyes, I saw it, and right away I got my camera and took a picture of my TV screen.

Somehow the Egyptians knew about the Habs 4500 years ago. Here’s the proof, on a pyramid wall.


8 thoughts on “Ancient Egyptians Were Habs Fans”

  1. Dennis, are you sure that little pictograph isn’t your handiwork? I’ll bet you found a little piece of cement in you basement, did the deed then snapped this shot. Am I right?? 🙂

  2. No Mayo, you’re wrong. It actually is writings from the ancient Egyptians inside the pyramids, from 4500 years ago. It was on National Geographic TV and I took a picture, just like I mentioned.

  3. lol, just kidding Dennis, maybe the Egyptians did predict the habs the way Nostrodamus predicted a bunch of stuff and the way the Mayans and Chinese are predicting ‘THE END OF DAYS – December 21, 2012.’ Interesting …

  4. Good morning, Homme de Sept-Iles.
    On the moon? No hockey stuff, just green cheese. Very disappointing.

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