Recchi Spews (And Other Stuff Completely Unrelated)

I heard on TSN today, before heading to the ferry terminal, Mark Recchi’s blabberings about how the extent of Max Pacioretty’s injury was embellished by the Habs looking for a suspension for Zdeno Chara. I figured this would be the Bruins’ party line once it was discovered that Max was out of the hospital quickly and could be back playing in the playoffs.

First it was Brad Marchand polluting the air a couple of weeks ago, and now Recchi. And they call us whiners!

It only goes to show that some hockey players, as in all walks of life,  just aren’t tremendously gifted in the brain department. Marchand for sure. I just didn’t know Recchi was cut from the same cloth.

And to think Recchi was once a Montreal Canadien.

Below – the first leg of our trip to Ontario – leaving Powell River on a ferry to Vancouver Island. As you can see from the pics, Powell River isn’t exactly Montreal or Toronto. But it’s a lovely town with lovely people. And scattered throughout are Habs fans, although you have to look for awhile.

Click on the photos and enlarge them. In the bottom one of Powell River you’ll notice buildings at the top of the hill. We live just to the left of these with a view of  ferries and tugboats coming and going. The big square condo at the top of the picture is just down the street from us.

We’re in Courtenay now and I’m sad to report that my favourite sports bar has been renovated and is now full of padded chairs with high backs and a fireplace. They’ve ruined a fine place. Big padded chairs and fireplaces should be illegal in sports bars. And instead of a dozen TV’s, there’s just one.

Tomorrow –  Ottawa.

Someday Ottawa will have an NHL team too!


12 thoughts on “Recchi Spews (And Other Stuff Completely Unrelated)”

  1. Dennis, I meant to send this to you earlier this week.

    To me even worse than Recchi making a pathetic defence for a team-mate, I was surprised that Dryden made excuses for Chara on the play.

    He came out against the direction of the game, but was forgiving of Chara’s hit as part of the game even though he admitted it was interference. He thought the almost accidental Steckel hit on Crosby was much dirtier than the Chara hit on Pacioretty.

    The rest of the discussion is quite good. The worst part is that I agreed most with the Leaf fan blogger.

  2. Really interesting stuff, Christopher. Thanks. I tried to paste it into a post but for whatever reason couldn’t downsize it to fit. But a good discussion, and yes, surprisingly, Dryden said there was no ill-intention which I disagree with.

  3. Dennis,

    Looking at that bottom photo there, I think you need to have a word with the relevant people about the quality of the cyclical maintenance. Some badly peeling paint and exposed woodwork in an area with a high saline content in the air spells trouble when someone goes to lean on that rail in the foreground.

    God man, did they even use primer?

    That shot of the ferry reminds me of my trip to Vancouver Island via the San Juans. Oh happy days.

    You look at what Recchi says (Recchi, rectum, talking out yer ass – there’s a joke there somewhere) and also the Julien interview with Stubbs and your looking at the kind of seige mentality that some management likes to build as part of their recipe for success.

    You sense that they’re building it up in people’s minds that anything that happens tonight will be down to an overwrought and emotional Canadien’s team and they will just be defending themselves.

    I hope it’s a clean game as I think that will benefit the Habs, but I wont hold my breath.

    Have a great trip and thanks for the prize, which I collected the other day. Some great stuff even if I can’t read Russian!

  4. Good points above. And the hit may change how Chara feels about playing the game. It may scare him into being more docile. I understand he was a much different player playing in Ottawa. Likely the rabid Bruin blood thirsty fans likely changed him for the worse and maybe it is getting into his mind. He seems a much better person than Lucic, Thornton or Horton. Hopefully the habs come out flying and not pulled into a brawl again. They will have the energy as well so will be a good game. Have fun Dennis back east. Rectum? Too funny because it is so appropriate.

  5. DK, do they not sell paint in BC? I see a summer job on the horizon for you & Lawrence! See you in a week or so.
    Cheers from the East!!!!

  6. Yes, Blue Bayou, Mark Rectum blew it out his ass. Isn’t it weird that as soon a someone wears a Bruins jersey all his words sound like farts? And I guess I’d better see about the paint problem.

  7. Mike. Writing and reading comments from the Calgary airport. Waiting for the game and eating some kind of strange meat and sauce in a bun thing.

  8. unfortunately, that was ken the campaigning politician speaking. he has know about going to the poles for a while now ………… why does he dismiss the fact it was chara’s elbow that did the damage? so here we go again, an unintentional hit to a player without the puck and using the elbow to do the brunt of the damage. 2 conditions of intent if you want to play the intent game………… but he has some great views on the situation and the direction change should take.

  9. Dennis,

    I’ve checked with the Oxford English Dictionary, there are no words.

    At least I have the Atlantic betwixt me and the media onslaught you’ll be suffering.

    Having to listen to NESN. with Edwards, Milbury and co. made it so much worse, if that were possible.

    I may not get up tomorrow.

  10. BB, I know you don’t have a choice when you watch NESN and I feel sorry for you that you do. Those people are ridiculous.

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