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  1. We’ve all been hoping that Chucky would become a young superstar, and although he’s getting better, he’s still not elite, and he’s a one-way type of player. Then there’s always the chance that the guy coming in fizzles and Chucky actually does become that big star, unfortunately in another city.

  2. Thornbush and 3rd rounder to California Seals!!!!Everybody on this site gets 15 minutes one on one with Geoff Molson….Dennis gets as much as he wants….Molson listens….BINGO…. we got something worth watching again. It’s depressing times being a Hab fan!!They throw a check that would’t crack an egg in their shoulder pads, the featured dump and chase…the other team…is so easy to play against…………..so sad for us.

  3. Good idea, Peter, as long as Molson provides the beer. The team is so boring I find myself hardly paying attention as I watch. They’ve lost a whack of games over the past several weeks, and aside from a small group of players, they’re smallish, reasonably mediocre, and they scare no one. I’m hoping they do something big at trade deadline. They’re going backwards now. Send MT to the Seals!

  4. Hi Dennis….sorry state right now. I watched the game Edmonton and our once glorious team twice and tried to isolate on a couple of players. Weber I noticed has pretty much stopped leaning hard on anyone. He really never did hit that much but at least early on he cross-checked and did lean on players now he bumps them or waves his stick. I think he is watching Petry too much. Petry is a disgrace to hockey in my mind. Some talent but a stick waving D-man. Even Emelin is starting to ease off of what he does so well. Without his hitting he becomes very ordinary. Look I can’t express myself well enough to say anymore than ” How in hell does anyone justify paying the money they pay to watch this crap hockey ? ” I don’t even blame our team. The NHL in general is such a boring bunch of crap these days. I miss hockey from 20-40 years ago when there was pride on the line and players didn’t party with opposing teams players after the game. What an absolute travesty this game is becoming there is no end insight for the escalating salaries.

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