Ready For Tonight

All set to go with no lingering beer effects, the TV will be nicely warmed-up, and I’m ready to say all kinds of nice things about the Canadiens after they wallop the Florida Panthers tonight at the Bell Centre.

It might prove tough for the gang though, considering they flew back from New York in a snowstorm in the wee hours of Sunday, with the Panthers not having played in a few days and winning their last two games in shootouts against good teams – the Caps on Friday and Wings last Tuesday.

With the Canadiens, all we’re asking for is a win and more scoring from different guys. Two goals in three games isn’t exactly fire-wagon hockey.

But they’ll turn it around because that’s what they do.

The question on everyone’s lips – Will Scott Gomez be in the Florida lineup? It’s a concern. The sniper, who has scored one goal this year and was on track for possibly a two-goal season, hasn’t dressed since Nov. 30 when he was a minus-2.

Fans pay big money for tickets and when Pittsburgh comes to town, they want to see Sidney Crosby. Same with Washington and Ovechkin.

Same with Florida and Gomez.



7 thoughts on “Ready For Tonight”

  1. The return of Scott Gomez! This is up there with Wayne Gretzky’s return to Edmonton! Mario Lemieux’s first game back after recovering from cancer! Ray Bourque’s first game in Boston after being traded to Colorado! It’s hockey history! Those who are in attendance will be able to say, “I was there when SCOTT GOMEZ made his return to Montreal!!”

  2. Danno, I hope your right—Gommer scores a goal in his own net!!! Love hi grin when he stopped skating at the blueline.

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