Reading The Morning Papers. Maybe I’ll Just Go Back To Bed.

“I read the news today, oh boy.”

Nothing that we don’t already know, except now, everyone’s going to know.

Loosely extracted excerpts from syndicated Canadian and Boston papers –

“Alex Kovalev doesn’t play well when Saku Koivu, wearing the “C” is in the lineup.

Kovalev not only floats, but seems to bring down a few others like the Kostitsyn’s, who looked like they just came off the beach when the team recently played in Florida.

It looks like Robert Lang, with an Achilles tendon cut in the foot, is gone for the year.

Guillaume Latendresse will be examined today to see the extent of his shoulder-area injury.

The Habs 1913 barber-pole uniforms were hard on the eyes.”

And how is your day?

5 thoughts on “Reading The Morning Papers. Maybe I’ll Just Go Back To Bed.”

  1. Well atleast one thing brightened up my day after that p— poor hockey game. What was that you wonder, the half-time show at the Super Bowl, no one does it better than “THE BOSS !!”
    Cheers from the East !!

  2. Highlight of Sunday for me was the Australian Open final between Nadal and Federer. Don’t quite like the outcome, but what a match that was!

  3. My Sunday was awful. As much as I love watching Nadal, I wanted Federer to win badly in the Australian Open. He lost, I lost a lot of sleep, and then my heart got totally shattered when all *that* stuff happened at the Bell Center…. AND then they tell me that Gauthier gets 5 games for bashing Gorges…

  4. Just a suggestion for suspensions; any time there is an intent to injure, it should be an automatic 10 game suspension, even if there’s no actual injury. If you swing you’re stick at someone’s head a la McSorley or Chris Simon, even if you miss, it should be considered intent to injure and should result in this supension. Even if it’s not ten games, it should warrant some type of suspension. Wether it’s an elbow to the head, a suckerpunch, or any cheapshot (checking from behind is a little different, but it should still result in a suspension no matter what), I’m sick of suspensions depending on what happens to the player who got hit. Colin Campbell has to be a little bit consistent. If Georges had been able to shake off the effects of Gauthier’s hit, that suspension would have been maximum 2 games, and that’s if he would have even been suspended.

  5. That’s right. It’s all about intent to injure. The NHL’s been talking about head shots for awhile, but of course, they drag their heels. Maybe something will get fixed next year. Or the year after.

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