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You can say to yourself, after looking at these pictures, that wow, skates in the 1937-38 Eaton’s catalog were only a couple of bucks,  sticks a buck or less, sweaters just two bucks or so, and  jock straps at $1.95 for top of the line Protex.

Beats those $350 sticks and $800 skates and all that.

But the average wage then hovered around fifty cents an hour and folks had just suffered through the Dirty Thirties. A buck or 50 cents was still a lot, unless your name was Babe Ruth or John Dillinger.

And instead of buying shin pads for 98 cents, more often than not, kids strapped on these Eaton’s catalogs for free and they worked just fine.

You’ll noticed that Toronto Maple Leafs star Red Horner endorsed the top of the line, $4.95 skates. Horner starred for the Buds from 1928-29 to 1939-40.

You can also see, in the second photo, Montreal, Toronto, Chicago, and New York Americans sweaters, but without the crests. This kind of explains why it’s so difficult to find crested sweaters from those days. If Eaton’s didn’t sell them, who did?

Speaking of sweaters, the Canadiens are going with the laced-neck style this upcoming 2015-16 season, something the boys wore (aside from a couple of years in the mid-forties), from 1943-44 to 1974-75, after which they went with the v-neck.

Good to see these back. Maybe the boys will play like Richard, Beliveau and Harvey with them on.

Do you say ‘sweater’ or ‘jersey’? I’ve always said ‘sweater’, although my son says that’s truly uncool and old fashioned and everyone says ‘jersey’ now and I should get with the times. But I’m uncool and old-fashioned, so I’m sticking with sweater.

I scored these great catalogue pages from good old Kouli the Greek in Vancouver, a man who lists some of the coolest hockey stuff on eBay. Check him out hereKouli the Greek

6 thoughts on “Readable Shin Pads”

  1. Those were the days…i pity the hockey parent that spends hundreds of dollars on ice time and equipment these days.
    Back in the 70’s my doctor and friend could not understand why players in the NHL got paid for whacking away at a round disc made of rubber…at that time his comments bothered me…today with players making millions…i begin to wonder if maybe he was right….Canadiens new laced jersey this year….many will have to have it…cha-ching!
    Please forgive my negative rant…but i get fed up reading about players salaries etc…it’s the fan who pays for it in the

  2. It’s getting worse, Ed. Soon we’ll see sweaters plastered with ads. Ticket prices are through the roof. Players can’t write their name. Beer at the rink is about 12 bucks. Players charge to sign their name. It’s all pretty bad. I’m starting to read a book now about the cost of having your kid play, and some parents are paying $20,000 a year for the little bastard.

  3. If it carries the CH, you can call it a sweater or a jersey. If it carries another logo —-it’s just a RAG!!

  4. Christopher, at Classic Auctions we had to call them jerseys because much of the business came from the States. I say sweater most of the time, but have, from time to time, said jersey. My son thinks I’m tremendously uncool about this.

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