Ray Didn’t Make It

Not long ago, a fellow in Orillia who I knew only a little but have many mutual friends, was told he had just three months to live. I wrote about it at that time in this post – Ray.

I’m sad to say that Ray passed away on March 31st, just a month into the three month prediction, and once again I remind myself that I need to live now and not worry so much about how I’m going to afford it if and when I reach 70 or 80.

Ray is missed by a lot of people. By all accounts he was a wonderful fellow. And when I knew him, he was a great little goalie.


4 thoughts on “Ray Didn’t Make It”

  1. Ah, I am so sad to hear that. You know I think of all the time I’ve wasted doing stuff I didn’t want to do or putting up with crap I didn’t want to and it’s just depressing (that applies to all of us). It really isn’t worth it. We have to be good to ourselves and try to do what we can, when we can do it, and stop putting up with all this stuff that has no meaning or value to us.

  2. Darth, and that means if you want to spend a few extra bucks on getting good seats at a hockey game, you should do it.

  3. Dennis, I’m so sorry to hear about Ray passing away.

    You’re right about it being a reminder about how we should live every moment to its fullest. And we should never forget to always love the people who are dear to us.

  4. Sorry to hear about Ray……
    Dance like nobody is watching
    Love like you have never been hurt before
    Go to work like you don’t need the money,

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